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Hayley and Jackson prepare for their wedding on The Originals Season 2 Episode 14. Klaus is having the wedding at the compound, hoping it will help unify people even more.

Rebekah gives Hayley a dress of hers to wear for the ceremony. Best of all, the family is reunited with baby Hope when Cami and Elijah return. Klaus is plotting, but nobody really knows the what or why part of it. 

Elijah and Klaus have a pre-ceremony conversation and Elijah wants Hayley to know that she's not forced to do anything for Klaus. Elijah also wants to finally admit his feelings for Hayley. However, when he goes to tell her, she stops him. Hayley said she has known from the very beginning that she loved Elijah, but he was never able to voice it to her. Jackson has. Jackson can provide for Hayley the support and love that nobody else ever has.

The ceremony goes well. The pack become super-wolves. Klaus reveals that he wants Jackson dead, but Elijah will not allow it. He points out that Jackson might end up being a better father to Hope.

Klaus ends up introducing Hope to the pack and tells everyone that they need to protect her. 

Meanwhile Kol dies when Finn is brought back to life. Freya warns Finn that Dahlia will be coming for baby Hope.

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