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Aurora and Aya meet to discuss their plan to work together in order for both of them to get what they want. Aya wants help unlinking the sire lines and to make it happen she needs information only Tristan can provide. One of the Sisters sends Aurora into Tristan’s mind to a safe place where he’s alive and not suffering.

Freya learns that Elijah daggered Rebecca in order to keep her safe. Klaus enters the room with Stefan in tow and introduces him to Freya. She is immediately distrusting of Stefan due to his status as an “old friend.” 

Davina works on breaking the sire links and Marcel joins her. He’s concerned that the spell won’t work and he might die. He also wonders if he’ll die due to double-crossing the Mikaelsons.

Freya helps Stefan by providing a paste for his wound which will block its mystical beacon. The sooner he can get out of town the better. Elijah, too, is bothered by his presence. While he and Klaus talk, Freya fills Stefan in on the goings-on in New Orleans.

Elijah and Klaus decide the answer is to kill Aurora. Hayley calls to say that the Crescent wolves have found Aurora. Hayley enters the shack where Aya was keeping Aurora and sees no one but senses someone is there. The someone she finds is Lucien who is desiccating in a closet. Aya and the Strix have Aurora. Lucien’s advice is to get Klaus out of New Orleans.

The Sisters put Klaus and Elijah into Tristan’s mind. The plan is to keep the brothers there until the witches can break the sire link. If the brothers can find their representations inside Tristan’s mind first, they’ll be set free.

Hayley calls Marcel for help with Lucien and their conversation begins by arguing about trust. Hayley wants to storm the coven house and stop the spell. Lucien reminds them they have to stop an execution because Aya will want to test the spell. Stefan joins the fray as a third member of Klaus’ sire line who doesn’t want to die.

Aurora continues to taunt Klaus by mentioning Cami. He can’t hurt her physically inside Tristan’s mind, but he vows to do so once they’re free. 

Stefan and Lucien try to develop a plan to get inside the coven house. Marcel learns that Strix from all over the world are flying in to protect the coven house while the spell is being performed. Hayley and Freya devise a new plan, but Lucien disagrees with it. Stefan adds to that plan by using Rayna Cruz as their personal assassin.

Hayley and Stefan bond while preparing for battle. Marcel drives them right through the gate.

Aurora rants about Klaus and Elijah’s “always and forever” pact and how that will force them both to spend their immortality alone. Elijah brings up the fact that Tristan has repeatedly abandoned his sister over the years and stabs right back at Aurora.

The Sisters prepare the pool inside the coven house for the spell. Davina readies the waters and Marcel asks if she knew that Aya planned to kill the brothers. She realizes that Marcel doesn’t trust she can do the spell and asks him to believe in her.

Stefan wipes the paste off of his wound. Rayna senses him and changes direction. Davina prepares to start the spell. Freya links herself to Lucien and begins the spell to retrieve the souls of the brothers from Tristan’s mind so they will be able to fight back against Aya.

Once Freya is inside Tristan’s mind, the brothers begin to bleed. The spell has started and time is running out. Rayna approaches the coven house and Aya is alerted to her arrival. Klaus and Elijah believe either the kings or the knights on the chess board represent them. Hayley shows up to get the brothers out of the pool and Marcel turns on Davina. 

When Elijah is returned to his body, he kills most of the Sisters. When Klaus is returned he comes for Davina but she stops him and completes the spell. His sire link is broken and Klaus felt it happen.

When Elijah cannot kill Aya, Hayley does it for him. Klaus bricks Aurora into a tomb bound by magic. Marcel rescues Davina from the coven house and tells her it was to rescue her from the Mikaelsons. 

Stefan and Klaus part ways in the cemetery and Klaus asks if Stefan will do the right thing by Caroline in letting her go. Stefan responds by telling Klaus to do right by Hayley. They shake hands to part ways and Klaus is visibly weak. Freya tells him he lost an enormous amount of energy and needs sleep.

Davina manages to bring Kol back from the dead by using blood spilled by both brothers during the sire link spell. 

The Originals
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The Originals Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Stefan: So, um, full disclosure. I dated your sister once.
Freya: Well, that seems like a great story.

Aurora: Tristan, if I have to burn the world to drain the oceans, I will find you.
Tristan: Of this I have no doubt.