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It’s a bright day in New Orleans and Klaus dangles the Chief of Police over the railing of the compound so that he’ll work harder to find Aurora. Klaus insults Freya for her inability to find Aurora using magic. Marcel gives intel regarding the fact that the Strix haven’t been able to find Aurora either.

Freya tries once again to locate Aurora but her map catches on fire. Then, her pendant slams into a picture and Aurora shows up behind her. 

Davina tries to get Aya to help her resurrect Kol so that he can help her complete the unlinking spell necessary to save the vampires. Aya presents Davina with a Hand of Glory, a mystic candle which will allow her to see Kol but not resurrect him.

Klaus finds Hayley in a park where she’s paying tribute to Jackson. They have buried his heart under a tree so that Hope will have a place to visit. Klaus proposes to keep Hayley busy by having Hayley teach Cami to fight. Elijah calls to let Klaus know that Aurora has Freya.

Marcel visits Davina to let him know he’s on her side. He needs her to make the unlinking spell a priority over resurrecting Kol so that he can stay alive. 

Klaus and Elijah figure out the riddle Aurora left for them and head off to find their sister. Aurora has drugged Freya and Freya can’t do magic. Aurora shoots Freya so that she’ll die slowly while they await Klaus and Elijah’s arrival. As the men arrive at the cabin, they split up to track their sister and Aurora.

Elijah finds drawings for wooden bullets in the cabin while Klaus wanders through the woods looking for his sister who has been buried alive.  Aurora confronts Elijah in the cabin while Klaus begins digging up dozens of graves.

Inside the coffin, Freya calls on Finn to send her blood up through the dirt so that Klaus can find her. Aurora has opportunity to shoot Elijah but she doesn’t take it because she wants Klaus to watch him die.

Hayley takes Cami to the fight club and Cami insists she should be able to rely on her Dark Objects instead of learning to fight. Cami finally sees Hayley’s point and agrees to step inside the ring.

Davina summons Kol but before they can have a happy reunion, Aya interrupts to tell him that he’ll remain a ghost until or unless he helps Davina finish the spell.

Elijah determines that Aurora blames him for her breakup with Klaus. She starts to lower her weapon and he gets closer to her in an attempt to take her out. She tells him that she’s learned that the love of family is the only love worth fighting for. She plans to kill Elijah so that Tristan will no longer have to suffer.

Kol tells Davina that the sire link is unbreakable but she knows he’s lying. He begs her not to do it. Aya has her witches listen in on Kol and Davina’s conversation. They all learn that the key to the spell is the heart of an unsired vampire, and the only one which exists is Hayley’s.

As Cami and Hayley fight, Hayley gets a call from Davina that the Strix witches are coming to kill her. Cami uses a dark object and her newfound ability to fight to defend them both, but the witches are too strong. They begin to pull Hayley’s heart from her chest magically.

Klaus fights Aurora and manages to take the gun from her. He hesitates in pulling the trigger and she is able to retrieve the gun. Elijah arrives and Aurora pulls the trigger, striking Elijah in the chest.

Kol uses magic from the candle to take Davina down so that the Sisters tasked with retrieving Hayley’s heart can’t kill her. In the woods, Klaus snaps Elijah’s neck so that his heart will stop beating so the bullet can be removed. In taking that moment, Klaus loses his chance to find and kill Aurora.

Marcel convinces Aya to give him until midnight to find another way to unlink the sire lines. Cami wakes up at home with a note from Hayley and a six pack of beer. At the compound, Hayley, Klaus, and Elijah discover that Jackson’s heart will satisfy the Strix’ desire to break the sire line. Klaus and Elijah want to dig up the heart to prevent the spell from being completed.

Davina wakes up just outside the circle where Kol has been watching her sleep. He tells her Aya never keeps her promises and that she has to let him go. She refuses.

Hayley discovers Jackson’s heart has already been taken, the tree she planted having been destroyed. Marcel and Davina take the heart to Aya who instructs Davina to complete the spell.

Klaus works on a replica of the chess pieces for Hope to clear his mind. He and Freya talk about her surprise that he came for her and then the three of them vow to kill all those who stand against their family.

Aya confronts Aurora on the road to offer her assistance in the plot to kill the Mikaelsons. 

The Originals
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The Originals Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

It’s easy to speak well of Jackson. He was a good man.


Elijah: Niklaus, for Heaven’s sakes release the poor creature. [Klaus drops Chief of Police off a balcony.] That’s not what I meant.
Klaus: He’ll live.