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Klaus grows paranoid in the wake of his sire link being broken. He fears the numerous enemies who may come for him now that he’s vulnerable. Elijah suggests he see a therapist.

Cami works with Vincent in the gym preparing for the time when she’ll need to fight Aurora. She’s disappointed that Klaus didn’t kill his former lover. Klaus arrives and asks to speak to Camille within appropriate professional boundaries.

Kol wakes up after sleeping for three days. He’s a vampire and that scares her. He promises to be good now that he has her. He asks for a daylight ring and she tells him Klaus wants her dead.

As Marcel wakes Josh in his loft, he’s visited by two members of the Strix who tell him that members of their upper circle are missing. Their society is thinning out.

Elijah finds Hayley as she’s leaving the compound, going somewhere mysterious. She asks him to watch Hope and goes off on another mission.

Klaus fills Cami in on his history of paranoia and she tells him she can’t be his therapist anymore. He tries to tell her that his decision not to kill Aurora was so that she would suffer for her crimes against Cami but Cami doesn’t buy it. While walking home, Klaus sees an old foe, Cortez.

Davina walks into the compound accompanied by Kol. Instead of trying to kill his sibling, Klaus hugs Kol. Elijah welcomes him home as well and Freya is finally introduced to her brother.

Marcel finds Elijah in the St. James. Elijah asks him to put his very best men on finding the last splinters of the white oak bullets and learns that some of Marcel’s best men are missing. Vincent gets a summons to appear at Rousseau’s.

Elijah and Kol pour through Klaus’ letters hoping to find Cortez. Vincent finds their new foe at Rousseau’s and asks for help finding something which was lost in New Orleans.

Marcel needs help finding his missing Strix and asks Josh for a favor with Davina. He wants her to help find his missing men, but Josh is reluctant to help. He does manage to make it happen though.

Davina and Josh discuss Kol and the fact that he returned as an original vampire and not a human and a witch. She casts a spell and learns that Marcel’s people are dead. Kol helps Freya cast a spell to find not just Cortez but all of his enemies. 

Cami turns up at Rousseau’s for work and finds everyone in the bar compelled to be silent. Vincent works a spell to find the white oak and Cami sends a message to Klaus alerting him to a problem at Rousseau’s.

Marcel shows Elijah the bodies of their murdered comrades. They were killed by wolf bites. Elijah instructs Marcel to burn the bodies, suspecting Hayley’s participation in the slaughter.

Vincent tries harder to communicate with the ancestors to find the location of the White Oak. They’re able to buy enough time for Klaus to arrive at the bar. Klaus stops Cortez at the bar by killing two innocent people as Cami watches.

Elijah finds Hayley in the process of torturing and murdering another member of the Strix. He begs her to stop before war is declared but she refuses.

Klaus compels everyone in the bar to leave so that he and Cortez can continue their chat. Freya and Kol watch as Klaus’ enemies travel toward New Orleans and Klaus kills Cortez.

Elijah suggests Klaus disappear in order to hide from his enemies. In order to make it possible, Elijah takes out many more members of the Strix and then Marcel delivers Cortez’ head to the Strix and asks them to find the remaining white oak bullet.

Kol and Freya catch up over a blood bag and he writes down a spell for his sister so that he can get to Davina. Klaus finds Cami at the gym where he’s come to say goodbye. He tells Cami he still has feelings for her, despite Aurora’s plan to ruin that, and Cami tells him that hers are gone.

Davina believes she’s been stood up when Kol comes into the attic. Elijah finds Hayley sitting in front of the fire and hands her a list of the remaining Strix responsible for killing Jackson. He has killed them all.

Cami and Vincent talk about the fact that she didn’t mean what she said when she told Klaus she didn’t love him anymore. She’s still hung up on Aurora and the fact that she’s not dead. Cami plans to find and kill Aurora. Vincent is given a vision of the final white oak bullet.

Klaus makes plans to leave with Hope and Hayley. Kol wakes up hungry and he’s out of blood. Vincent finds the remaining bullet and Finn returns.

The Originals
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The Originals Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Davina: Kol, I’ve heard the stories. When you were a vampire, you were…
Kol: A psychotic maniac. But I didn’t have you

Freya: It’s only been a couple of days since the sire link was broken. Must you fall into crippling paranoia already?
Elijah: That’s a default setting.