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Elijah entertains a crowd at the St. James Infirmary, playing along with the band. He listens in to patrons in the bar who have designs on killing his brother and uses the fact that Klaus is not in town to his advantage as he seeks out and kills those who would harm his family. Marcel interrupts and reminds Elijah that the Strix are around for his protection.

Vincent tries to fend off a pack of vampires who come after him to get the final White Oak bullet and one of them is impervious to his magic. She bites him and steals the bullet.

Hayley and Klaus are on the run. He wants somewhere tropical. She disagrees.

Josh asks to join the Strix and Marcel denies the request. Then Josh reveals that someone is in town auctioning off the remaining White Oak bullet to the highest bidder and Vincent confirms the tale. Whomever stole the bullet is not one of Marcel's men.

Lucien visits Freya and brings her flowers. He's intrigued by her presence since she's the one Mikaelson he doesn't already know. Kol goes to Elijah over Finn's return. Freya sees it as an opportunity to unite their family but Elijah and Kol aren't convinced.

Hayley takes Hope and Klaus to an old friend's bar and asks for a place to lay low. Hollis agrees to offer aid.

Marcel sends members of the Strix to the Compound to help fortify it as Klaus' enemies come to town. The Mikaelsons and Lucien will be spending a great deal of time together while Marcel hunts down those in town to kill his family. When Freya gets between Finn and Kol in a fight, Lucien comes to her aid.

When Hayley learns that a girl she used to babysit has triggered her werewolf curse, she wants to go mentor the girl. Klaus stops her and demands they leave. Marcel and Josh win the auction for the White Oak bullet.

Finn tells Freya he'd rather die than be part of their family. Elijah enters and demands to know why Finn has returned. He wants to return to the body of a witch and then promises to leave, taking Freya with him. Kol overhears the exchange. 

Josh goes to the pickup spot where he's ambushed by Sofya and her bodyguards. She knows Marcel has sent him and refuses to hand over the bullet.

Hayley refuses to let Klaus leave and convinces him that she needs to talk to the girl by reminding him that Hope may one day face the same thing. Davina tries to distract Kol from his fight with Finn but he becomes overwhelmed with bloodlust and leaves the room when she's not looking. Josh, Marcel, and Vincent track Sofya.

Feeling rebuffed after her encounter with Kol, Davina searches for a spell which will make Finn pay for coming between them when Kol was in a witch's body. Kol confesses to Elijah that he's having trouble with his anger and is scared he'll hurt Davina. She locks Finn into his vampire body as retribution and just as hes about to kill her, Kol intervenes. The brothers fight and Freya and Elijah break it up.

Kol and Davina leave the compound and Elijah reveals that Marcel has brought them the last remaining bullet. He tosses it into the fire and Finn goes in after it. He doesn't think he can live eternally as a vampire.

Hayley helps the young girl understand what's going to happen and come to terms with her new life as a werewolf. 

Lucien steals the remaining white oak bullet from Finn and tosses it to Elijah. Finn wants Elijah to use the bullet. Lucien wants Elijah to destroy it. Elijah gives it to Freya so that she can hide it.

Vincent gets a vision from the ancestors. He's supposed to help Sofya's boss.

Klaus visits Hayley at the wolf ceremony site and tells her they will decide together what to do with their future and their daughter's future. He recognizes the face of a man who died recently and realizes that the wolves in that area are being hunted.

Elijah believes retrieving the White Oak bullet was too easy, but Marcel is cocky about the acquisition. Klaus calls and reveals that Kingmaker Land Development hunters are still targeting wolves. Together they discover that Lucien is behind the White Oak bullet.

The Originals
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The Originals Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Klaus: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much am I going to hate this little plan of yours?
Hayley: About an 85.
Klaus: Oh, good.

And you have hit your complaint quota for the day. Congrats, you are officially the worst.

Hayley [to Klaus]