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Lucien takes Freya to the woods in Mystic Falls, along with Vincent, and demands they turn him into the Beast from the prophecy. 

Davina and Finn go into the St. James bar and wonder where Vincent is and why he’s missed their meeting. Davina doesn’t understand why he would’ve requested that they meet at the one place where he can’t do magic and finds a Tarot card which she sees as a warning. She finds a video warning and he asks for help. 

Vincent needs Davina to find the thread between himself and Finn Mikaelson so that she can track Lucien. Kol doesn’t trust Finn and Elijah working together and grows angry. Davina settles him by asking for his help with the magic. 

Hayley and Klaus send Hope off to the bayou with Mary so they can investigate Kingmaker holdings. Klaus gets word that Lucien has Freya and Vincent in Mystic Falls but he stays with Hayley to help her.

Lucien drains Freya and hands the spell necessary to create an original over to Vincent. He refuses to do the spell, but the ancestors force him to do the magic. Davina tracks Vincent to Virginia. When Kol asks her to narrow down the location and she asks for help boosting the spell, he grows angry and shows himself. 

Freya wonders why Lucien wants to become an original and he says he wants to become their better, not their equal. 

Davina and Kol visit Cami to get one of his dark objects back from her. He’s unable to control his anger and Davina makes him leave. Davina blames his behavior on the fact that Kol is just getting used to being a vampire again. Cami suggests that he’s been cursed. 

Finn and Elijah revisit Mystic Falls which is fast becoming a booming city once again now that Matt has forced all vampires out of town. Finn holds a great deal of resentment for his 900 years in a coffin and says that’s the bulk of his problem with his family. They run into Matt who tells them they’re not welcome in his town.

Vincent conducts the magic necessary to turn Lucien into a beast and almost doesn’t survive it. 

Hayley and Klaus show up at another Kingmaker which is exactly the same as all the others they’ve examined. This one, however, is different. When a group of trained Kingmaker operatives attack, Klaus and Hayley fight back. They find several wolves and vampires trapped inside what looks to be a lab of some sort. 

Kol and Davina use his dark object to conduct the magic necessary to amplify Finn’s connection to Vincent so that she can locate Freya. Vincent tries to stop Lucien from drinking the potion which will turn him into the beast. He plans to kill Freya and is stopped by the arrival of Finn, Matt, and Elijah. Finn shoots Lucien through Freya’s chest knowing they can heal her. 

Klaus and Hayley begin rescuing the wolves trapped in the lab. In the woods, Lucien returns to life impervious to Matt’s bullets and stronger than both Finn and Elijah. Lucien bites Finn. 

Kol and Davina learn that Lucien has turned himself into the beast from the prophecy and he grows more angry by the minute. Davina confronts him about the anger he’s facing and he turns on her and then leaves. She uses a spot of his blood to learn what’s wrong with him.

Hayley and Klaus learn that Finn has been bitten and the bite mimics that of a werewolf. Hayley tries to send Klaus back home to take care of his family, but Klaus doesn’t want to go. He does, however, and returns just as Freya and Kol begin to squabble. Klaus gives Finn his blood.

Hayley learns that the wolves Lucien kidnapped weren’t Crescents. They were from the Seven Packs and used a vampire as their test subject. 

Finn thanks his entire family for saving him just as he grows violently ill from Klaus’ blood. As the family scrambles to save him, he begs them to let him go, but with all of them at his side. Freya, Klaus, and Elijah sit beside him as he dies. Not even Kol leaves the room. 

They burn his body and say goodbye, vowing to avenge his death. 

Davina calls Vincent to the St. James and asks for his help. She’s learned that the ancestors have corrupted Kol’s blood in order to get to her. Vincent and Davina realize that the ancestors are just using witches and team up to stop them. 

Elijah, Klaus, and Freya wonder what they’re up against as Hayley returns to tell them that Lucien has created a more lethal strain of werewolf venoms. Then they learn he freed Aurora and turned her into a beast too.

The Originals
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The Originals Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Hayley: Are you sure you wouldn’t be better off with your brothers? I can do the legwork.
Klaus: Just when I’m discovering your carpool karaoke skills? I think not.

Nine hundred years in a box and zero patience.

Elijah [to Finn]