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There is calm in the Quarter as everyone moves on in the wake of Dahlia's reign of terror, but when a body winds up impaled on a fence, Cami gets to meet the new police officer in town, Will. He takes an instant shine to her and asks for her help. She's unsure how to be of service, but her and Vincent join forces to help. 

Marcel opens a cage fighting club and Elijah occasionally shows up for a spar. Davina finds herself at odds with the coven when some of them don't like her rule over them and one of them even tries to kill her. She refuses to help anyone in the Quarter. 

Freya is playing the doting aunt to Hope, and Klaus couldn't be happier. Elijah is still searching for a way to help Hayley after everything that went down at the close of the second season. 

A vampire named Lucien shows up in town and has a blood connection to the Mikaelsons. He was their first ever sire. He warns that there are a lot of people who are looking to kill them in order to end the whole sire line. Klaus and Lucien come to blows. 


The Originals
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The Originals Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Freya: She's getting bigger by the second.
Elijah: Thank you for all of your care.
Freya: Tomorrow's the full moon. I can help her bring you to Haley if you like?

Always and forever indeed.