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On The Originals Season 2 Episode 22, Klaus waits with Hope while Dahlia starts the spell which will bind her to him. Dahlia plans to end Freya's life at the moon's apex, bonding her forever to Hope through Klaus. 

At the compound, Cami heals from her vampire bite and Elijah covers Gia's body, hurt from the loss. He doesn't believe that Klaus has a plan, but Cami assures him that he does and it involves linking with Dahlia so he can buy the time they need to find the right ingredients to kill her. As he and Dahlia link, Klaus daggers himself so that Dahlia will sleep. Freya awakes.

Marcel sits with the body of Eva Sinclair and Rebekah, waiting for one of them to wake up. Rebekah returns in her old body, happy to see Marcel. She reunites with Elijah and Cami and they all learn that Klaus has condemned Hayley to life as a wolf until the full moon. Freya calls and Elijah rushes off to rescue Hope. In order to defeat Dahlia, they need to revive Esther's original body, and they're on a timer. Dahlia's magic is overcoming the dagger.

Davina decides to use her one time access to the coven's magic to resurrect Kol. Vincent worries that she's making the wrong choice. Across town, Rebekah, Elijah, and Marcel decide to swap Esther's ashes for Kol's, meaning Davina will resurrect the wrong Mikaelson.

Rebekah tells Elijah he's deserving of happiness, and he tells her the same. Klaus has stolen that from both of them. Rebekah dislikes the double dealing they're doing with Davina and decides to enact a plan of her own while Freya and Marcel look for the ashes of the original Kol's body.

Rebekah visits Davina for help and asks her to resurrect Esther instead of Kol so that they can defeat Dahlia. Davina breaks Rebekah's bones in refusal. Freya tries a spell to try and stop the dagger from melting and when that doesn't work, she reveals her plan to use the white oak stake on Klaus to Marcel who begs her not to stake him so that he might continue to live. Davina does the spell to bring Kol back and is shocked by the result. 

Esther has returned. 

In melting the dagger, Dahlia melted the link which bound her to Klaus, meaning she's free to kill him. When she begins drawing him toward the white oak stake, Marcel whooshes him out of the way leaving Dahlia the chance to escape with Freya. Marcel and Klaus find Hope safe but surrounded by vines and black dahlias.

Vincent finds Davina unconscious and she vows to turn every coven against the Mikaelsons. Marcel breaks in and asks her to find Dahlia before she fights the Mikaelsons so that he might continue living. Klaus asks Cami to watch Hope and apologizes for feeding on her, promising to find a way to make it up to her.

Elijah and Esther discuss that they need her blood to defeat Dahlia when Klaus enters the room, too jovial for Elijah's liking. When Klaus calls Gia and Hayley collateral damage, Elijah punches his brother in the face before telling Klaus he's finished playing wingman to Klaus' schemes.

Vincent visits Cami and Hope at the club and asks what she feels she owes the Mikaelsons when all they do is put her in danger. She has "complicated feelings for a monster" and knows that it's possible he has feelings for her too.

Dahlia drags Freya into a warehouse and Klaus and his siblings show up there, with Esther, which shocks Dahlia. And Esther. Dahlia turns the white oak stake into ash and infects Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah at once. When Dahlia begins killing Freya, Esther acts, asking to make amends with her sister, choking Dahlia long enough to break her spell. Elijah runs them both through with a knife which kills them both. 

Before Marcel can light his fallen comrades on fire, Elijah takes Gia's violin. Klaus fills a chalice with the blood of an innocent and Rebekah enters the room and they discuss Klaus' new plan to raise his daughter without Hayley. Rebekah doesn't believe his plan is sound. 

Freya presents the body of Eva Sinclair to Rebekah and says she can inhabit either body she chooses. Marcel gets a visit from the new Rebekah and says she plans to use that body until she has the opportunity to bring Kol back. Klaus visits Cami and says they would've met no matter what. Elijah visits Hayley who asks him to look after Hope, forcing him to return home.

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