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Marcel wakes up at the bottom of the river and his first memories upon waking are of meeting Klaus and Elijah, learning to read, and becoming part of the Mikaelson family. In the compound, Elijah and Hayley awake after spending the night together. Klaus spends a moment with Hope expressing his desire to do right by his daughter.

Elijah and Klaus discuss Marcel's death and the burden they share in protecting their family. Freya and Kol talk about her insomnia and intuition. She knows something is coming and activates a map which traces Klaus' enemies. She finds a legion of them coming for New Orleans. 

Marcel visits Davina's grave and finds Vincent there. Vincent wonders if Marcel will have the power to kill the Mikaelsons when the time comes. Vincent's other concern is for the people of New Orleans once all of Klaus' enemies flock to the city. The Mikaelsons believe their compound is secure since the deed is in Freya's name but soon find someone has figured out a loophole.

The compound is overcome with vampires. And Marcel. 

Vincent rallies the witches in the cemetery to talk about their now-diminshed strength and the fact that they're overrun with vampires. Kinney still can't wrap his head around the supernatural and asks Vincent to take a look at a crime scene he can't call the police to. 

Hayley finds Freya and a vampire and rescues Freya from death. Freya has been poisoned. Kinney and Vincent find a gym full of dead Strix at the fight club. They're attacked by a vampire and Vincent kills him. 

In a fight over Davina and her memory, Marcel bites Kol and Elijah, just as the prophecy foretold. As Klaus and Marcel begin to fight, Rebekah shows up and stops them. The scar on her arm indicates she will go mad soon enough, so Marcel doesn't have much time before he'll have to kill her or be killed by her.

Hayley and the Mikaelsons rendezvous at Lucien's penthouse. The antidote to the poison is nowhere to be found. 

Rebekah begs Marcel to save her brothers and learns that there is no cure for his bite. She shames him for playing judge, jury, and executioner to the Mikaelsons after he promises he never would've hurt her.

Elijah asks Klaus to take care of Hayley as the band of rowdy vampires tear apart the compound. Marcel offers an alternative to having the vampires running amok throughout the city to find him: return home and stand trial for his sins. Freya asks him to go so he can buy her some time.

Klaus returns to the compound to find Rebekah's scar growing worse. She escorts him into the compound where the vampire horde is tearing apart his home.

Klaus' trial begins and Marcel walks Klaus through the list of his transgressions. They have all lost everything they love and blame Klaus for it. In the penthouse, Kol grows worse and Freya continues working on her spell. Rebekah asks to speak on Klaus' behalf and Marcel agrees, but it turns out to be a mistake for her as it drives her hex deeper and causes her to go mad faster.

She begins to rant about her brother and how evil he has been throughout the years, how he destroys everything he touches. The crowd decides it's time for Klaus to die.

Elijah fights against the hallucinations brought on by his wolf bite. He dreams of Hayley and her happiness and when she enters the room he tells her he wants her to leave New Orleans if he and Klaus do not make it through.

Klaus begins taunting Marcel about Davina's death and tries to make it Marcel's fault that she's gone. He announces to all of the vampires present that they are all there because he willed it to be so. He has given them immortality. Rebekah demands that they torture Klaus instead of killing him outright. They stab him with Papa Tunde's blade.

Freya uses blood from each of the siblings to link their lives together once again. In doing so, they are all put to sleep and Hayley is left standing alone.

Marcel stands over Klaus' body and Vincent enters the compound. He's buying back St. Anne's to turn it back into a church. The pile of bodies have shown him that Marcel is no different than any other vampire in charge. 

Hayley puts the Mikaelsons to rest in their coffins and sets off with Hope in search of a cure for the family.




The Originals
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The Originals Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Rebekah: For Freya's plan to work I can't go mad and you can't die. What are the bloody odds of that?
Klaus: Wasn't it you who once said I could talk my way out of Hell?

Despite all that we've done, all those we've lost, we're still here. You're not alone.

Hayley [to Elijah]