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Vincent told the siblings that the only way is to divide The Hollow's evil into all of them and for them to go their separate ways. Freya decided to go back to her mother's grimoires to find another way.

The Hollow revived an old friend, and set out to recruit the vampires of New Orleans. Hayley appeared on the scene to help Hope, but The Hollow broke her neck. 

Hayley tries to find out what the family need her to do in order to win against the villain, but Vincent says she needs to run as fast as she can. 

Marcel and Sofya appear at the church and pledge allegiance to The Hollow, but they use dark objects to knock her out. Elijah and Klaus then sacrifice the group of followers. 

Freya revealed to Keelin that if Kol did not show up she would become a vampire and would be one of the four. 

Hayley and Elijah squashed their beef and kissed one last time. 

Kol returned at the last minute to help his family. The mission was a success, but the Mikaelsons had to run off from the city and separate.

Elijah asked Marcel to compel him to forget Always and Forever, and he helped. 

Marcel then met up with Rebekah in New York and they rekindled their love story. 

Hayley took Hope to Salvatore Boarding House and had her join. 

The Originals
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