Watch The Originals Season 2 Episode 15 online! You don't want to miss Freya's reunion with Mikael or that hot scene in Elijah's new loft!!

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On The Originals Season 2 Episode 15, Klaus and Elijah disagree over how best to protect Hope. Watch The Originals online to get a glimpse of Elijah's new digs across the river!

Elijah belives that to protect Hope it's in their best interest to form new alliances both in and out of the Quarter. Klaus believes the hybrid werewolf army is all that's necessary to ensure her survival. Klaus demands Jackson send werewolves out looking for Finn and Freya and at first Jackson refuses. He consents when Hayley makes the request.

Elijah learns that Rebekah's new body is that of Eva Sinclair, a witch who was placed inside the cottage due to her crimes against other witches. She killed children and channeled their magic. The witches aren't happy to have her on the loose once again. They want Vincent Griffith back in exchange for handing over custody of Eva to the vampires.

Hayley and Jackson discuss their marriage and Hayley reminds him once again that this isn't a convenience marriage for her. Later, the two consummate their marriage after Jackson manages to get Hope to sleep.

Elijah, after his success with Josephine, gets closer to Gia.

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Hayley and Jackson are now married on The Originals. That's where The Originals Season 2 Episode 15 picks up, with Klaus unsure who he can trust.

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

[to Rebekah] A warning to you. You are not who you once were. This body is all too vulnerable.


Fine, I'll answer for you. 'Thank you for rescuing me, Marcel. It's so good of you to still care, even though no one told you that I was back.'