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Dr. Finn contacts Isaac to have him consult on a paper she's writing. While she waits for him to arrive, Bortus comes to sickbay to ask for help in growing a mustache on Malloy's suggestion. Isaac arrives with a banana.

The Union Symphony is coming to perform aboard the Orville. The bridge crew chime in on Bortus' mustache. Dr. Finn comes by and reminds the crew that her son, Ty, will be performing his first piano recital that night. 

Ty's performance is impressive and Dr. Finn credits Isaac's tutelage. 

Dr. Finn visits Grayson in her ready room and confides that she has a romantic interest in Isaac. Grayson cautions her but also tells her to trust herself. Dr. Finn asks Isaac on a date and he accepts. They plan on attending the symphony together.

Isaac seeks out LaMarr's advice on dating while LaMarr and Malloy are working in Engineering. LaMarr and Malloy rush to the bridge to share the gossip with Mercer. 

The crew enjoys the symphony performance. Klyden asks Bortus to get rid of his mustache. 

After the show, Isaac and Dr. Finn have dinner in the simulator where Isaac programs a simulation of Dr. Finn's favorite Earth restaurant. He has downloaded all the information in the ship's database about her and she comments that it takes the excitement of discovery out of a first date. She then asks him about his home planet. The date ends with the promise of another and Dr. Finn gives him a kiss.

When Isaac returns to the bridge, Malloy asks for information on the date. Isaac asks for help on being more spontaneous.

Talla is in sickbay for a physical with Dr. Finn when Grayson walks in and asks for her account of the date.

Dr. Finn isn't certain about the relationship.

Isaac arrives in Dr. Finn's bedroom in the middle of the room with a cake to be spontaneous. She explains that she no longer wants to pursue a relationship. He leaves.

The crew are bowling and Isaac shows up to observe LaMarr and Turco on their date. Isaac recounts the breakup and LaMarr is struck by inspiration.

Isaac invites Dr. Finn to the simulator and when she arrives, he initiates a new program which creates a human form for him.

This date leads to a night spent together. Dr. Finn shares with Grayson and Keyali that this is the best relationship she's ever been in. Meanwhile, Isaac asks LaMarr how to break up with Dr. Finn because his data collection is complete. LaMarr advises him to get Dr. Finn to break up with him.

Isaac executes LaMarr's instructions and Dr. Finn realizes he's trying to break up. She's hurt and gives him what he wants.

When Isaac returns to duty on the bridge, the crew implies he's a terrible person for treating Dr. Finn the way he did. 

Dr. Finn is having a drink on the simulation deck and Yaphit approaches her. He simulates a human form but Dr. Finn leaves anyway.

When Isaac arrives for Ty's piano lesson, Dr. Finn makes it clear that he is not welcome in their lives anymore.

On the bridge, Isaac makes an error and leaves to run a diagnostic. It turns out Dr. Finn's directive to leave her alone contradicts the programming she's affected in the time they've known each other. Mercer suggests that Isaac isn't done with the human relationship experience yet.

To win her back, Isaac summons her to the bridge, programs the environmental controls to pour water down on them while "Singin' in the Rain" plays and then requests that they get back together again because he's better with her than without her. She agrees and they embrace.

In the final scene, they walk hand-in-hand to the simulator and his human form appears as they enter and the doors close.

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The Orville Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

When I was on Earth, I used to sit outside on the front porch before a thunderstorm and smell the ozone in the air. And then the rain would come crashing down in big, dark curtains and it was exciting and beautiful and humbling and wonderful and I always thought to myself,'This is what being alive is all about.'

Dr. Finn

Sometimes, it's electrifying being afraid. It means you're out of your comfort zone.

Dr. Finn