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The evidence continued to stack up against Terry, but things took a turn when the liquid popped up at a barn, despite Terry being dead. 

Ralph started to wonder what was going on, and his superior decided that it was best to ask Holly Gibney to help. 

When they went to meet her, they realized that she was completely different to anyone they've worked with before. 

Holly wanted to entertain the possibility that the crime at hand was related to occult, and Ralph was not impressed. 

Holly went on the mission on her own to the place the family vacationed, and when she went to the hospital, she learned that the father's health was deteriorating. 

She was ousted from the hospital. 

Jessa's dreams continued and Ralph visited her. The kid warned him to stop digging, and things took a dangerous turn from there. 

They tried to learn what was the best course of action, and Ralph's wife tried to learn more from the girl. 

Glory was shocked that both of her kids were ousted from the school and she set out to learn more about what was going in in town. 

Jack was bitten by the creature at the barn and found himself being controlled. 

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The Outsider Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Ralph: I have no tolerance for the unexplained.
Holly: Then you'll have no tolerance for me.

The evidence and the counter-evidence, I'm struggling with it.