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The liars tell Dana and Claire that Jeremy killed Nolan and Taylor shot him in self-defense. Claire apologizes for suspecting them.

Caitlin's mom tells her that if she chooses to stay at BHU she's cutting her off. Ava and Zach both get accepted to their summer internships. Claire votes for Dylan to stay at BHU. 

Dylan tells Ava and Caitlin that the boy running the food truck used to bully him in high school. 

Ava's dad shows up at her dorm and tells her that he wants to repay the money he stole and have a clean slate. 

Dana tells Ava that she'll give her back her money if she turns in her dad. 

Mona tells Claire that she's not leaving because she knows that Claire and Mason "comforted" each other after Nolan's death. 

Ava finds out her dad was just using her to get to the rest of the money so she keeps it for herself. 

Ava, Dylan, Caitlin, Mona, and Ali are all invited to the Crimson Society. They're the only ones who show and a video of Taylor shooting Jeremy plays. 

A voice welcomes them to phase two of the experiment and tells them that they are the one who killed Nolan. Jeremy was also a part of the experiment and was only trying to protect Caitlin. 

Ava tells everyone that whoever hijacked Beacon Guard to spy on them is the person who tried to kill Taylor. 

Taylor's trailer explodes and the liars all receive a call from themselves telling them that failure to participate in the experiment will result in their immediate incarceration. 

They all decide to play along until they can figure out what's going on.

Dylan tells off his high school bully.

Mona obtains the location of every active Beacon Guard camera and listing device from Claire. 

Alison joins the Department of Psychology to play into "The Professor's" latest instructions. The liars all tell Beacon Guard their greatest fears. 

Caitlin convinces her mom to let her stay at BHU. Ava returns her dad's stolen money to its rightful accounts. Mona breaks things off with Mason. Dylan's high school bully comes out as gay and apologizes to him. 

Zach comes up to an unknown figure who is watching the liars' tapes and offers him a refill. 

PLL: The Perfectionists
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PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Is it terrible that I still care about him?


When everything starts to go the way it's supposed to go I get nervous. It usually means something bad is about to happen.