When everything starts to go the way it's supposed to go I get nervous. It usually means something bad is about to happen.


I don't think it was your dad who had a sudden change of heart. Maybe I was wrong about you after all.


You wanna know what my greatest fear is? Dying before I find out who you are, bitch.


Mona: Who are you?
The Professor: I'm the person who killed Nolan. Jeremy was guilty of many things, but he was not a killer.

Participation in the experiment is mandatory. Failure to follow instructions will result in your immediate incarceration.

The Professor

She discovered that someone hijacked Beacon Guard to spy on a select group of people.


Is it terrible that I still care about him?


Act normal bitches.


Ava: It does look like we've lost everything. Like we've failed. But until now, I've never had friends like you guys. Friends who feel like family.
Dylan: Ava's right. We will get through this. Together.
Caitlin: I love you guys.

I just found out that a member of my staff is having an inappropriate relationship with a student.


He was following Nolan. Stalking him like a jealous boyfriend.


There's no way to make this better. I just want to find out the truth.