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Jeremy tells Caitlin he was trying to protect her from Nolan and will tell her the truth about everything if she leaves town with him.

Taylor plays the recording of Dana for Claire, but it only makes her more confident in Dana's abilities. 

Dylan meets with the ethics board about his plagerized tape. They're waiting on Claire's deciding vote but it's likely he'll be kicked out of BHU. 

Ava hides her money at Caitlin's house and Caitlin's mom comes home.

Caitlin tells the liars about Jeremy, and Taylor is going to use Beacon Guard to track him on the night of Nolan's murder. 

Mona and Mason continue their relationship. 

Dylan and Andrew give each other anniversary presents.

Ava comes over to talk to Taylor about Nolan. Taylor discovers that Jeremy timed the blackout the night he was killed. 

Caitlin asks Jeremy to meet up with her and they all agree to attend the gala to keep their cover. 

Claire orders an active survelliance on Mason. 

Caitlin's mom and Dana find Ava's bag of money. Her mom tells Caitlin she's moving to D.C. to live with her. 

Claire finds out about Mona and Mason's relationship and fires Mona at the gala.

Taylor reveals that after her father was murdered she created Beacon Guard. 

Mona breaks things off with Mason. 

Ava convinces Zach to pursue an oppurtunity and they kiss. 

Andrew plays Dylan's original piece at the gala and talks to the head of the symphony on behalf of him.

Claire tells Taylor she's sending her away, and the liars are forced to go meet up with Jeremy without her. Taylor shows up at the lake in a stolen car.

Caitlin talks to Jeremy but Taylor pulls out a gun and shoots him. 

PLL: The Perfectionists
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PLL: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

He was following Nolan. Stalking him like a jealous boyfriend.


There's no way to make this better. I just want to find out the truth.