Beacon Heights - The Perfectionists
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Alison arrives to work as a TA at Beacon Heights University. She discovers that Mona is also working on the campus.

Mona tells Alison about a former student named Taylor Hotchkiss who committed suicide. 

Nolan forces Dylan to write Ava's paper along with his own and blackmails Caitlin into pretending to be in a relationship with him. Ava and Nolan are secretly dating.

Nolan's mom, Claire orders surveillance on him. 

Alison confronts Ava about her plagiarized paper.

Ava's dad has been running from the authorities as he is under arrested for embezzling millions of dollars. In a flashback, it's revealed that he left her a bag full of cash. 

Alison becomes suspicious of Nolan and Caitlin and realizes they're faking their relationship.

Nolan sneaks off into the woods and makes a phone call. He tells the person on the other line his mom has ordered an active surveillance on both him and Ava, and that they need to meet. 

Alison tells Dylan she knows he's been writing his friends papers. A flashback shows Dylan and Nolan having sex while Dylan is in another relationship. 

Ava catches Nolan in bed with a model from her shoot. 

Nolan meets up with his sister Taylor who is actually alive in a cabin in the woods. He reveals that he broke up with Ava to protect her. 

Nolan and Taylor are trying to prove that Beacon Guard is being used to spy on select students. 

Caitlin, Dylan, and Ava meet up in the woods and jokingly discuss ways to kill Nolan.

Nolan meets with a mysterious figure on the roof and is found dead.

The episode ends with a group of people watching everything that's happening at BHU on a giant screen. 

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