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Women are showering together in preparation for The Purge. For some reason they're wearing blue gowns. We've never been told before that The Purge was looked upon a puratanical ritual.

A girl's voice reads her letter to Miguel. She's good, loved, and stepping into mom and dad's arms on the anniversary of their giving. That's not cool. Her name is Penelope.

Miguel is at a rehab facility because he wants to know if there is a safe place there for his sister. The woman to whom he is speaking is very busy, even too busy to help her son get through to the commencement without being scared shitless.

Miguel, though, was a Marine. When he was in the service, his commanding officer suggested they all hold hands, and it worked.

The woman reveals Penelope checked out of rehab a few months ago. She also allows Miguel to find what he needs on the computer. Some dude named Henry checked her out.

A daughter checks in with her mother at a hospital on her way to work. Mom wishes the woman had played the game so she'd be in a position where she didn't have to work on a night like this. Don't she know it.

A married couple is all dressed up to celebrate The Purge. They're in a new location. Husband says it's a great opportunity, but they're also making a deal with the devil.

The wife talks about their family and then recalls what appears to be a three-way.

Eighty four minutes to commencement, and weapons have flown off the shelves.

Homes that have been secured with nothing more than plywood and nails are the targets of Purgers.

Miguel is practically purging on some dude to find Henry.

Everybody says there is no better place to be than wherever they are.

At work, Jane and Mark discover they are guaranteed safety on the 38th floor ONLY. That undoubtedly means one or both of them will be off of that floor at least once during the Purge Period.

A robed leader woman leads her followers to their period of love. Uh huh.

The husband and wife close down their house, say goodbye to their neighbor Ross who they wish they could Purge, laugh among themselves and leave.

Their Uber driver wonders why they're going to their particular address, and there is some chatter about being rich (they are not). They want to build housing for the underprivileged.

Jane is in the middle of a pep talk with her people when some other dude, David (Billy Baldwin) pops in on the video feed. He promises bonuses if they close the deal tonight.

Wife is remembering a three way again as they walk upon the big house. Or maybe it's the husband because the wife says "she's" not home and is away in Africa.

The bus is rolling through the streets while people are still boarding up their houses. It's 50 minutes to Purge, and they're still not ready? Come the hell on already.

The husband and wife team has a last name. Bettencourt.

Mrs. Bettencourt happens upon who appears to be the lady of the house screaming at her maid wondering if she knows how long it takes and if she knows what she did.

Miguel has a dude with him in his trunk to find Henry. Miguel is very short.

Some girl named Kaylee is tied up in their warehouse. She's going to be their Purge dessert. What does that mean?

The dudes in the place are a little wacked. Kaylee asks for help.

The news is reporting on different areas being ghost towns. Why would a reporter be out in the open? Why wouldn't the outside world be a ghost town?

Whoever plays Jane is a terrible actress.

Jane gets a message from a private number. "I'm here."

Kaylee stuck around to tell Miguel she knows where his sister is but he "ain't gonna like it."

Of course, there are only a couple minutes to Purge, and Jane is off of the 38th floor and down in the basement. She's an idiot. She's wearing flat shoes, though, when she comes to a fella sharpening his giant blade.

She's walking farther and farther away from the elevator that can take her back upstairs. "I'm here" scares her the shit from outside. It's a chick who says "No transactions until the Purge begins." OK, that's just stupid.

Mrs. Bettencourt runs into the maid outside the bathroom and asks for Tylenol. She wants to know if her wrist is OK. The maid wants to know why she is here. Her name is Jenna. The maid is Katarina. Jenna spots a family pic with Lila front and center.

A pack of pink rabbits are running through the street with their weapons at 6:45 p.m.

Miguel runs into a building and hears women singing. He screams. "Is anyone here??" The singing stops and a group of people in yellow come out. They're annoying. They know what happened to Goddess Penny. Sister Penny. They know what happened to them during the very first Purge. They are so special.

Masks come out. Why some have sticks is beyond me. Susan Denise Atkins and David Berkowitz for the Bettencourts.

Mrs. Whatever says some pretty stupid stuff, and the Purge begins.

Jane has a stack of freshly minted cash for the chick behind the door. She must want someone Purged and to have a clean alibi.

Miguel is driving with his night glasses.

The busload of Purge victims are praying like idiots.

While the Bettencourts are looking for Albert, they see Lila coming down the stairs. They thought they were getting out of the place despite the steel trap they saw come down around them. Too late. They're toast.

Jane is to follow the progress of the chick she's hiring on an app she downloaded. There are already people being dragged behind cars, people carrying dead bodies around, etc., and it's only been about five minutes.

Only a true idiot would think by giving "sinners" your body to use for sin you'd get a righteous hall pass to heaven. Oh brother.

Leader idiot is sending them out one by one. Will they be so pleased to follow in his footsteps when they see his suffering?

His smile disappears before four killers with hatchets as they stand there and force him to wait. Penelope almost passes out on the bus.

The Purge
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The Purge Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

We are the scarred, the beaten, the souls irreparably damaged, and it is that shared pain that allows us to understand each other so deeply. Tonight, that suffering ends, my darlings. I will be your guide into the invisible where there is no pain, only love. The Giving Time is near. Let us ready.

Robed Leader Woman

Mr. Bettencourt: We're making a deal with the devil, babe.
Mrs. Bettencourt: We're taking the devil's money and we're going to do great things with it.