Another Day at the Office - The Purge
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Zippy Maids does good business cleaning up after The Purge. What I don't understand is why they would scrub the floor under a table upon which a dead body lays dripping blood onto the carpet!

Bodies get left at the curb like a sack of trash. They do get a label, though.

A lady notices a bloodstain on her placemat. She just puts a dish over it. She's a single woman with two kids. Was it her husband they just cleaned?

Ryan wanders though the hood amidst all of the death and despair.

A doggy sits crying by his owner. Even Ryan says, "Oh, no."

Marcus is freaking out a bit about whoever might be targeting him. I didn't like the way Michelle sipped her coffee. Was Marcus supposed to die at her request?

He can't let it go, but he will keep her safe.

Esme is sleeping, but dreams of seeing her friend shot in the street wake her. 

There is a 30% uptick in every district. Biggest Purge in city history. More finish-line fuckups, too.

Hospitals are like Fight Club. Everyone is screaming and begging for assistance. There aren't nearly enough doctors to go around.

Marcus, it seems, is a doctor. 

Turner, the Delta who was hanging with Ben, who I was previously calling Delta, arrives home. His girlfriend wonders where Ben is. Ben says, hey, babe. That's not my blood. I don't think he'll be friends with Turner anymore.

Ben grabs the bag out of Turner's hand. Thanks for breakfast. He's acting all cook, but when he gets into the shower, he can't stop reliving the events of the previous night.

Ryan is still walking through the streets. Doesn't he have transportation? 

He delivers wads of cash to a woman. It should take care of the rest of the year. She knows how he got it. If she doesn't approve, she needs to take it up with the NFFA. His mama is at the rest home.

He tells her Tommy screwed up. He wonders if letting him go was the right move. What do you do when every possible choice might be the wrong one.

Esme is still pursuing the stuff with the woman. The professor got chased out of her house. Esme thinks something happened that might make it their business. 

Registered Smart TVs record and can be downloaded by NFFA headquarters.

Marcus recognizes someone on a gurney. It's the guy who got shot near him. He had a scar on his hand.

The kids at school feel bad about Professor Adams because of how she got gunned down in the streets. Ben doesn't give a shit if it means he doesn't have class.

Ben assures his gal that she doesn't have to worry about him as he draws a skull with the word God across his forehead.

Marcus tries to save the dude who tried to Purge him. All he said is Abbey Road or something similar.

The robbers didn't get much cash this year. Not as much as last year or the year before. They got $200,000 in total. That seems unlikely if we're honest.

Tommy shows up at the door. Nobody followed him, he says. But does it matter? Are you not allowed to be in possession of stolen money after The Purge?

Esme's boss calls her in to ask about Drew Adams. Why is she on her computer? She wants him to trust her. He says they can both get fired. Something happened to her sister, Sofia. After Sofia, Drew Adams was the only person who would even listen to her. Oh, Sofia got Purged.

He says all that they do all day long is look for the worst in people which can make you jump at shadows. She needs to take some time off and let it go.

Cops arrive outside the robber's hideout. Bag it! Bag it! They want Tommy O'Keefe. Ryan tries to get him out, but Tommy wants it to end with him. 

The chick is angry that Tommy got nabbed. Ryan says it could have been them. She says it was, Tommy's family.

Ryan gives the chick a stack of cash to tide her over. She needs to lay low. They think that every year, The Purge gets worse. There are more Jackals in the streets and less cash to be had. It's not worth the risk. Ryan wants them to wait until they hear from him before making a decision.

Ben is reliving Purge Night again. He kept the knife he used to kill the kid. He considers hurting himself but refrains.

His coworkers worry about Marcus. They can't believe that guy tried to Purge him. Marcus assures her he didn't do anything to harm the guy. 

There is a memorial for Professor Adams. Darren is running the thing, and since he has the same last name as Marcus, they must be brothers.

Back at work, Esme listens to Drew's TV and phone. It offers not much of anything. She plays with the file to hear different levels of it. 

363 Days Until the Next Annual Purge

Marcus meets up with Darren. Darren is Marcus' son, not his brother. He needs Darren's help.

Ryan is casing the bank and discovers that they had one of their safes at an offsite location for Purge Night. He follows the truck to see where it goes.

They even swap trucks in the middle of it, but Ryan doesn't miss a beat. The truck goes to the local airport.

Esme goes to Drew's house or something. She gets scared by a cat. It's a pretty dingy place, so it must not be where Drew lived. She listens to the file and tries to recreate the sounds she heard on it.

One of the creaky stairs is hinged and inside is a manilla envelope. 

She runs into real estate agents hoping she wants to buy the historically protected building that is now on the market since the owner got Purged.

Ben is playing a Purge game. It's pretty frakked up. A little kid is waiting outside to play.

Ryan is with Tommy's wife, Lisa. He wants to make sure they're OK. She can't stay. She's going to Arizona to live with some cousins.

Marcus and Darren keep talking. Ivory Row is what Marcus thinks the guy said. Darren knows it's a site on the dark web. Or maybe Ivory Road. All you need is a Tor browser or some other kind of software. Dude had the site disguised as a calculator. There was a bounty on Marcus' head. $75 grand.

Esme goes home and shutters the place so she can look at the envelope.

Inside is a tape recorder. Drew was interviewing test subject 83. There were brain scan images inside the envelope, too. All the girl thinks about is violence. 

Ben returns to the place where he killed the guy. The blood is pooled with flies all over it. He finds the mask on the God mask on the ground. He seems to get turned on by it.


The Purge
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The Purge Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Michelle: But you would never Purge anyone. Honey, you are not that kind of person.
Marcus: Well, maybe I'm changing. We almost died last night, and everything is different now. We need to know who did this. But whatever happens, I will keep you safe. I promise.

Hey, what happens on Purge Night stays on Purge Night. But I did get pictures of the Suicide Bridge as proof.