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A court appointed attorney recommends to Tommy that he pleads guilty. Tommy has been badly beaten while in custody.

They enter an otherwise empty courtroom. He's 38, accused of armed robbery and trespassing. The prosecution recommends he be classified as a Class R felon. The judge wonders if he's planning to flat out lie to the court.

Tommy says he missed the property line by inches. He's not a threat. They're not there to examine his whole damned life. The case is closed. Like all parties convicted thereof, the punishment is death and will be carried out in 356 days on the next Purge Night.

He may enter the auction and 5% of all payments will be leveled to the next of kin. Tommy goes nuts. This is bullshit! This is not justice! Nobody is listening.

Eight years ago, Tommy and Ryan were preparing for Purge Night. He's getting some liquid courage. Ryan says he needs him on his toes. They enter an office. They're cops. Cops are the most likely to get Purged because of former perps.

Ryan chats with his team. Caruso is a bad dude. They need to use Purge Night to put an end to him. It's not department sanctioned, but they're going for it anyway. The boss thanks them for what they're about to do.

Present day, NFFA dude is talking to Esme and the other chick about Ryan because he's been cruising where he shouldn't be. He's suspicious.

Esme calls a guy named Derek. Call her back. She has something to see.

Marcus has checked in with a woman about who might be Purging him. Nothing he expects is producing leads. She shows him a picture of his wife. That's why she asked to meet him alone. The geotags on Michelle's calendar didn't line up. Marcus thinks it will clear up easily. The woman, named Isobel, disagrees.

The vast majority of domestic purges are committed by the spouse.

That chick and Esme search for Ryan's identity. 

Delta is screwing his girlfriend while his mind glitches back to Purge Night. She's freaked out since he isn't even looking at her. The more he screws, the harder his heart beats and the more he glitches. He can't finish because he can't get it out of his head.

She offers him some pot to relax. Hopefully, he's not the type to get paranoid. She thinks he needs viagra.

Esme is still hunting Ryan. Boring.

Marcus gets home and calls to Michelle. He's messing with her phone. There is an HOA meeting on Wednesday. No thanks, he says. She wonders about the potential leads. They are not getting along well, and after fiddling with her phone, Marcus is tracking Michelle.

Esme is tailing Ryan.

Delta heads to a farm. A fella greets him. Is he lost? Nope. It said online that the place is good for getting out aggression. Yep. He has to sign a release to waive all of his rights in case of an accident. What kind? The animals. They don't want to die. Oh, no you don't. This won't fly with me!

It's HORRIFYING!! A precious cow is tied up waiting for him. I'm crying. FFS.

Marcus wonders where the hell Michelle is going.

Ryan drinks at a bar. He's remembering the Purge Night referenced earlier. It was crazy with people in masks and snipers after them. He knows one of the people in the masks. And his captain! She's been working with Caruso the whole time. She has all the smart cops out there.

Tommy and his team saved his ass. Ryan is the only one without his finger on a trigger. They agree to split without doing any damage. 

Yay!! Delta left the barn without harming the cow. 

Marcus finds Michelle at a group. It's a safe space. She still can't sleep with the lights off. She's crying. They wonder if Marcus can attend a meeting with her. She says he's paranoid and unwilling to talk about what happened to the point he sometimes forgets who's right by his side.

Ryan delivers the information about the airstrip. He wants to take it before it ever leaves the ground. It's like breaking into the bank's bank, Ryan says. While he's whispering to his team, Esme walks into the bar.

She takes notes on what he's saying. Eight years ago, Ryan is disgusted with his captain. He quits the force. 

She says if he walks away, he'll pay a price. She'll have him blackballed. So much for the new world and the good guys. They all lose. His team quit with him. They're the better guys, and now Tommy is paying for it. Shame.

Delta is listening to a radio announcer who is egging on those like him who can't live Purgeless for the other 364 days of the year. He stops on the side of the road at a fruit stand. How are the strawberries?

Delta gave the guy a $20, but he only got change for a $10. It's all the ammunition Delta needs. It's hard to tell if the guy deserves it or not, but he's on the run in his field, now. Delta is going to town making mince meat out of Mr. Strawberry. First with a knife and then with a rock.

Esme meets with Marcus' son. She shows him the brain scans. When she asks about the research, he gets worried. She tells him she's not investigating Dr. Adams but trying to find out why she was killed. 

Marcus, meanwhile, has cooked dinner for Michelle. He takes her hand and apologizes. 

Esme arrives back at the NFFA office. She's still looking at stuff about Ryan and his team.

Delta is in the shower with a knife, his bloody clothes piled outside. He sneaks in on his girlfriend. He's breathing heavily and has his head down. He looks animalistic. He finally tells her he Purged. She wonders if it was something he had to do. Yes. She assures him he's a good person. She loves him. What happens on Purge Night, stays on Purge Night, OK? Yeah. Purge Night.

Did he have strawberries?

Ryan finds and confronts Esme.

Marcus is jogging when a vehicle swerves to run him off the road. What the fuck?!


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Oh, and another thing. Preserve the meat.

Farm Dude

The vast majority of domestic Purges are committed by the spouse.