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Kyle and Mauricio and their girls take a tour of European ports via a private yacht. Kyle laments how she only traveled for work as a child and is so happy to take her girls on these type of vacations. They eventually head to Tuscany where they meet up with Ken and Lisa Vanderpump. They all vacation at a beautiful villa. 

Kyle and her family were supposed to go on to London to attend Nicky Hilton’s wedding but then they were uninvited. Kyle doesn’t explain why. But later, she tells Lisa that she is going to the wedding with two of her daughter’s who are in the wedding but Mauricio and her other children are still not invited. Kyle still doesn’t give any explanation but says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Lisa is shocked and upset that Kyle allows her sister to pull her strings.

Eileen Davidson and her husband, Vince visit Palm Springs where his deceased father, Dick Van Patton has star on the Walk of Fame.  Lisa Rinna shows off her diamond earring to her daughter’s friends, then calls her parents to find out about her medical issues.  

Later, Eileen and Lisa Rinna visit Yolanda who just had all of her metal fillings removed because she’s worried about the levels of heavy metals in her body. Lisa and Eileen see Yolanda’s huge closet stocked with medicines, vitamins and other treatments. Eileen is reminded of seeing her sister when she was battling breast cancer. 

In Italy, Kyle wonders if depression has become one of Yolanda’s issues as well and if it could be impeding her recovery. 

Lisa Vanderpump decides to buy the smallest horse for Ken for his 70th birthday. She asks Lisa Rinna to go with her to Ohio to pick it up. 


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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