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Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump are still in Florence, Italy. Kyle needs to find a formal dress for Nicky Hilton’s wedding, of which her husband and two of her daughters are not invited. Lisa Vanderpump and Ken head off to Monte Carlo for the rest of their vacation. . 

Lisa Rinna takes her daughters out for mani-pedis. They negotiate the girls curfews. Lisa tells her daughters she’s going with Lisa Vanderpump to get Ken the little horse. The girls think it is ugly but adorable. 

Eileen Davidson struggles to get her son, Jesse off to school and argues with her husband. Neither Vince or Jesse listen to her.  

Yolanda Foster and her friend Erika Girardi go to see Sara, a naturopathic doctor for a vitamin C IV to boost their immune system. Tom Girardi was a guy Erika met when she was a waitress. They’ve been married for 15 years. He’s a top plaintiff attorney. By night, Erika is her alter ego, Erika Jane. She’s had eight number one hits on the dance club charts. 

Eileen and Lisa Rinna both show up wearing leopard print for lunch with Kyle Richards. Eileen comes out and asks what’s going on with Kim. Kyle says she’s in rehab. Lisa says she’d heard that Kim fled rehab. Kyle feels uncomfortable taking about her sister’s issues, especially since Kim and Lisa have a history of issues. 

Eileen and Lisa say they’ve seen Yolanda and she looked very unwell, even though she’s tried every diet and treatment for her illness. Kyle wonders if it isn’t something else, possibly depression. 

Back in Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna head to Ohio to pick up Rosebud, the mini-horse. Rosebud is wearing a tutu and shoes. She’s adorable but Lisa Rinna points out that she has quite a pot belly. Then they notice that she’s limping. They end up going home without the horse and ask them to have the vet check her out first. 

It’s Ken’s 70th birthday lunch and Lisa has a hat tree for all of the ladies to pick hats from. Taylor Armstrong is also invited. She and her husband are moving back to Beverly Hills. Camille also shows up. 

Taylor gossips about Yolanda. Lisa V and Lisa R are uncomfortable. Kyle gets bored and wades into the pool. Eileen and Lisa Rinna get into a pool fight in their dresses. Before you know it, everyone is in the pool with their clothes on. Ken gets pushed in and lands hard in the shallow end. Kyle is concerned about his hip replacements. Eileen is worried about his expensive shoes. Lisa Vanderpump’s thong is showing. Ken is surrounded by women in the pool. It’s a birthday party he’ll never forget. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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