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On the season 6 finale, as Dina prepares for her Lady Bug charity event, she fears that Teresa Giudice and Teresa Aprea will make a scene and disrupt the fundraiser. Soon the Abbey house is decorated with candy and the kids put on their fasion show. Melissa and Teresa bring their girls but Amber decides to leave her kids at home.

Teresa Giudice decides to keep her distance in order to keep things calm at the event but Teresa Aprea searches her out to talk. After several heated words between the two, they end things amicably and decide to move on. 

Melissa and Joe Gorga are thrilled to finally break ground and begin construction on their new home. 

Months later, everyone awaits news about Joe and Teresa Giudice as they have their sentencing hearing. First there's news about Joe. He is sentenced to 41 months in prison. Next comes news of Teresa. She will serve 15 monhts in prison. Teresa will begin her time in Januarty so that she can spend the holiday with her children and after she serves her time, then Joe will serve his. 

Everyone is rocked by the news and Jacqueline waffles about whether or not to make contact with Teresa again but is encouraged by Chris and Kathy to send a text message. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey
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