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Towards the beginning of this season, the ladies travel to Atlantic City for a weekend of debauchery in order to get to know one another better. On the way they fret that they're all having their periods.

Joe Giudice stays home with the girls and is challenged by Milania. Milania threatens to backhand Gia. Then she calls Teresa down in Atlantic City. Teresa says Milania called her about 25 times over the weekend.  

That ladies head down to the casino to gamble but the twins are still primping. Teresa and Nicole think it's rude that everyone left them behind. Teresa seems to blame Amber in particular for the slight and puts her down when she goes to play the slot machines. 

The ladies take a Burlesque lesson. Teresa Aprea makes many comments about Melissa formerly being a stripper. Amber says she was only ever a bartender. Amber wins the burlesque contest. 

The twins want to know what everyone's first impression were of each other and they call Dina an ice princess and argue with Amber who decides to head to bed. 

Amber brings the girls to the gym for a boot camp worklout. She works out every day. Teresa Aprea thinks Dina is lazy when she doesn't want to join in.

Kathy asks Teresa Giudice if she would write a blurb for her new book. Teresa's still ticked off about getting the Kathy's gag gift of a dictionary at Christmas and wonders why she hasn't seen Kathy for months but when she does she's asking her to help hawk her book. Kathy is miffed when Teresa chooses not to write the blurb. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey
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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Why did Nicole get us a bus like I feel like we're going to a bachelorette party and it's like we're going to suck penis or something.


I'm not a Teresa anymore. I've changed. I just go with the flow.