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The ladies visit LuAnn’s new home in the Hamptons but first they stop off at her estate sale as she’d downsizing. Her new summer home in Sag Harbor is cozy and beautiful. 

Heather and Carole stay at LuAnn’s. Carole flirts with Adam, LuAnn’s personal chef and pretends to enjoy cooking. 

Sonja and Dorinda stay at Ramona’s summer home. Sonja is miffed when Ramona puts Dorinda in what is usually her bedroom. Sonja and Ramona bicker throughout their visit. Ramona’s younger sister, Tanya also joins them for lunch. 

Ramona offers LuAnn an apology for all the things she said when LuAnn’s marriage was ending. LuAnn decides she’ll forgive the things Ramona said, but she won’t forget them. 

Everyone heads to LuAnn’s for dinner and Bethenny is the last to arrive. She hasn’t seen many of the ladies in quite a while. Heather suggests that Bethenny owes LuAnn a car for helping her come up with the original Skinny Girl Margarita. Bethenny disagrees. 

Later, Bethenny invites Sonja and the other ladies to brunch. Ramona becomes upset that she’s inviting the guests from her house to brunch and pulls LuAnn into the discussion to consult on the etiquette of inviting someone else’s houseguest. Then Ramona says she’s already invited everyone to brunch but no one got her emailed invitations. 

Outside, Bethenny tells Ramona she doesn’t want to spend time with her. Ramona acts as though Bethenny is having a breakdown, even though she’s completely calm. Bethenny leaves the party as Ramona goes back inside to tell the ladies that Bethenny has drawn a line in the sand. 


The Real Housewives of New York City
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