Luann and I, we've shared similar obstacles in our lives. There's a kindred spirit connection between me and her that I felt when I met her.


Producer: So, what do you think of Leah's apartment?
Luann: Hmm, do you really wanna know? [Luann laughs.] Oh, boy. Um, let's see, um. I love how humble she is.

Luann: I brought some food. Should I bring it to the kitchen?
Leah: Over here?
Luann: I don't think that table's big enough.
Leah: I have a little set up.
Luann: I don't think that table's going to be big enough.
Leah: I'll make it work. I'll make it work.

Luann: Wow, I love the building.
Leah: It's cool, isn't it?
Luann: You can tell a lot by just the corridor.

Elyse: Is she not drinking?
Ramona: I think she goes day-by-day.
Elyse: Is she not committed to it long-term?

Jacques: A good glass of red wine if you can commit to one.
Luann: Not two, huh?
Jacques: One.

Dorinda: You're saying she can be intimidated by me?
Leah: You can be scary as hell sometimes.

I never f----d a pirate.


Leah: My father called me and was like 'your mother doesn't want to talk to you right now.'
Ramona: Did something happen that makes her not want to talk to you?
Leah: When you have had a nine-year period of not drinking and then decide to start doing it, obviously rightly so, my mom is going to be worried.
Ramona: Well, why did you tell her?
Leah: That's what my dad's asking me, actually.

My mom, I told her that I did end up drinking, not the end of the world. She wasn't responding to my text messages after I told her, so when I called my dad, I told him I'm trying to get in touch with mom, I can't get in touch with her and he's like 'you know, mom is, like really mad at you, and she doesn't want to talk to you right now.


I think you're full of shit and I think you're passive-aggressive.


Ramona: Leah, you wearing a Sonja dress?
Leah: I was supposed to wear this.