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Seven Years Ago... Tony's mom tells him Adam, his brother, escaped from the house. Tony searches for Adam and finds right after he stabbed Julie. Adam is beginning to eat her stomach when Tony hits Adam over the head. He takes Adam before anyone can see and buries him alive in the woods as Adam pleads for their mother.

Present Day...Tony and Adam eat dinner together. It's very tense as Adam appears to be in denial over the type of person he was. Julie looks at the scars on Lucy, who's still unconscious. Tommy apologizes for lying to Rowan, but he tells her Simon shouldn't be back, and Rowan needs to think about what she wants. Victor tells Peter he knows who he really is. Victor disappears and Peter freaks out. Rowan explains the dam break 29 years ago to her daughter and classmates. She then thinks she sees Simon on the street. Peter can't find Victor. Helen goes for a walk and ends up walking into a river. As she stands in the water, dead animals start to float by. Nikki gets information about a boy reportedly seen 4 years earlier who didn't speak and he wasn't seen again. Nikki goes to the community center where Peter lies about Victor's whereabouts. Peter brings Simon to Claire's house so Camille can meet someone like her. Tony reveals that he's the one who killed him. Simon tells Camille he doesn't remember being hit by a car, but he remembers being both happy and scared about getting married and being a father. He says he and Rowan are meant to be.

Camille delivers a message to Rowan saying Simon will meet her at the train station that evening. Tommy speaks with a doctor who says all the dead animals floating in the river drowned. He says they may have committed suicide. Helen sees Victor on the street and tells him she knows who he is, and his real name is Henry. They go eat lunch, and she tells him she thinks there's something evil about their town. Rowan throws Simon's things away as he waits for her at the train station. Rowan kisses Tommy and resumes planning their wedding. Camille continues to hang out with Lena's friends at the bar. Camille kisses Ben, and at the same time, Lena wakes up and can feel the kiss on her lips. She sneaks out of the hospital. Peter finds Victor on the side of the road, and calls him by his real name; Victor. Tony sees Adam hanging outside the bar. Lena makes her way to the bar and bumps into Adam on her way. He stares at her as she walks inside. Lena slaps Camille and tells everyone that she's not her cousin Alice, but her sister. Camille tries to play it cool and says Lena isn't thinking straight due to her medication. Lena leaves with Camille following. Lena collapses in the woods, but it isn't Camille who finds her, it's Adam. 

The Returned
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The Returned Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Tommy: I know how much you loved him, and seeing him again, I can't imagine how confusing that is. So what happened between you two, I get it. I can move past it. I want to move past it, but you need to listen to me. Simon being back, it isn't right.
Rowan: But he's here.
Tommy: He shouldn't be. I don't know what brought him back, but whatever he is now is dangerous, and a part of you has to feel that.

Adam: You said I was sick, but you never said with what.
Tony: You know what you were sick with.