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29 years ago... Victor is being read a bedtime story by his mom. After she leaves and turns off the lights, Victor hears his mom scream and a man yelling at her to shut up. He then hears a gun shot. Victor hides in his closet when a man enters his room. The man knows Victor is hiding. He tells him to stay quiet so the other man won’t hear him, and to sing a song in his head. The other man enters asking whom the first guy is talking to. The first man tells the second not to shoot. The second man shoots through the closet killing Victor.

Present Day… Victor climbs into bed with Julie until they hear a woman screaming. Julie goes over to Annie apartment. A woman is inside screaming because Annie is lying on the floor dead with a cat eating her tongue that has been cut out. Julie looks over at Victor who’s just standing in the doorway. Claire tells Jack she’s changed and her mind and wants them to move. The cops show up wanting to speak with Jack about Lucy. Rowan’s daughter tells her she thinks there’s a monster in the attic. Rowan tells her it’s just an old house. Tommy asks Rowan if she wants to postpone the wedding. Rowan says her strange mood will pass. After Tommy leaves for the station, Rowan brings food up to the attic where Simon’s been hiding. Simon starts kissing her, but she stops him. He mentions how she kept his guitar. She tells him that she kept everything of his. Claire discusses the idea of moving with Camille when Lena falls down the stairs. The wound on her back has gotten larger and is bleeding.

Lena wakes up at the hospital. Peter stops by and asks when it started. Lena says after Camille came back. Camille runs out, and Lena accuses Claire of only caring about Camille. Nikki comes over to Julie’s apartment. They talk about Annie before Victor runs out of the bathroom after being scared by the flickering lights. Julie tells Nikki she found him. Nikki gets mad at her for keeping Victor away from the police. Simon looks around Chloe’s room. Rowan tells him Chloe knows who her real father is. Simon tells her he knows he should be happy she found someone, but he’s not. They start kissing. At the police station, Tommy tries to get Jack to admit he hurt Lucy. Jack says he didn’t. Tommy goes back to his office to look at the surveillance videos at his home. He sees Rowan having sex with Simon. In the church bathroom, Helen sees black sludge come out of the drain. At the chapel, she talks to Pastor Leon. The talk about George briefly, before Helen says Leon lied to his congregation promising them an afterlife. She gets emotional. Julie looks at pictures Victor drew of Annie’s death. She finds him hiding in her closet. She questions him about the drawings but he remains silent. Chloe returns home and hears the noises from the ceiling. She also notices a weird red light in her smoke alarm. Tommy watches on the surveillance camera as Chloe and Rowan discover the hidden cameras.

Peter talks with Camille about Lena. Peter says Lena has survivor’s guilt. The doctor tells Claire that Lena’s wound is from being impaled on something, but Lena hasn’t been in any accidents. The doctor also says the wound is spreading and Lena’s body is turning on itself. He’s never seen anything like it before. Rowan tells Simon about the cameras. He wants her and Chloe to leave with him. Chloe comes up to the attic. Rowan introduces him to Chloe and says her dad has come back as an angel. Rowan tells Simon she needs to hear Tommy’s explanation before she decides anything. Peter tells Claire about Jack being questioned about Lucy’s attack. Claire gets defensive and mad at Peter. Julie tells Victor he’ll be leaving with Nikki who can help him. Nikki takes him away. Jack arrives at the hospital. Lena is getting worse. Jack explains his relationship with Lucy. Claire tells him she’s not moving anywhere with him. Peter is helping Helen get settled at the community center when Nikki walks in with Victor. Helen recognizes Victor, but doesn’t say anything.

When Tommy gets home, Rowan confronts him. He says he watched her because he was worried. He didn’t want her to hurt herself again. Tommy reveals he and Pastor Leon lied to her about Simon’s death. He actually committed suicide by stepping in front of an 18 wheeler. She gets mad for lying to her about it. At the hospital, Lena flashes back to four years ago when Camille died. She and her friends snuck into the funeral home where Camille was brought. Lena sees Camille’s body and hugs her. When she lefts her up, she sees a wound in Camille’s back. A metal piece of the bus went through her back. When Ben tried to comfort her, she pushed him away. Back in the present, Lena cries. At the community center, Peter asks Victor if he’s okay. He tells him to sing a song inside his head. Victor realizes Peter is the same man who told him that right before he died.

The Returned
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The Returned Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

She's [Camille] still all you [Claire] care about, even though she's killing me.


I'm still trying to get use to you [Simon]. So many things I wanted to tell you, to share with you, and now that you're here, I can't think of a single one of them.