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Bishop has her disciplinary panel for leaving her foster brother off of her personal history on her police academy application because he had a criminal history.  Nolan breaks in and insists on speaking on her behalf, even though he’s a rookie. Afterward, Internal Affairs approaches Bishop. They tell her that they could clear her completely if she agrees to be their eyes and ears in that station. 

The rookies have to take their six-month test, but the rules have suddenly changed and they must have already been listed as the primary officer on specific types of cases before they can take the test instead of doing it after.  If their checklist isn’t filled they can not take the test and will be held back. Nolan has his list filled but West needs three more items and Chen needs seven. 

Officer Lopez has to stop Jackson from arresting a man for drug possession for an empty baggie that was obviously left behind by someone else. She won’t allow him to ruin a man’s life just to put a check in a box. West begins to think twice about what he’s willing to do to win.

Officer Chen thinks she’ll never be able to mark off seven items but Bradford won’t allow her to give up. They manage to hit six of the boxes during one crime and later he gets approved for over time so that she can get the seventh. 

Nolan’s friend, Ben, is carjacked and assaulted after picking up his new Ferrari. After taking Ben home from the hospital, Nolan volunteers to work the case with Detective Wolfe which leads to a high-end car theft ring. Nolan isn’t thrilled when they cut a deal with the guy who assaulted Ben in order to take down the rest of the ring but he does his job.

Later, Nolan tells Ben that the month after the bank robbery was one of the worst of his life and encourages Ben to get help with his trauma and try to make something good come out of it like helping others who have been victims. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Officer Lopez: New shades?
Officer West: I can hear your mockery.
Officer Lopez: Then I said it right.

Ben: That’s your problem, you know?
Nolan: Oh good, I was hoping we could make this about my inadequacies.
Ben: No, I’m serious. You have a pathological need to fix things for people even when you know there’s nothing you can do.
Nolan: Okay, look, I simply refuse to believe that there’s never not a solution.
Ben: That’s like a triple negative.