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Isabel becomes a criminal informant in order to stay out of prison. The detectives want her to wear a wire during the drug buy with dealer Marcus Vance. Isabel pushes Vance to buy more than one kilo. The feed from her wire goes out and Bradford and the detectives rush in but they find no one in the room, the back window open, and the wire she was wearing on the floor. 

Bishop and Nolan get called to check on a store alarm that has gone off multiple times in the last month. Bishop arrests one suspect while Nolan chases the one who flees. The suspect runs into a residence and when he’s cornered in a bedroom he pulls a gun on Nolan. Nolan shoots and kills him. 

During the investigation into the shooting, Nolan gets one companion officer to guide him through the process after the shooting. Nolan chooses Sgt. Grey because he knows Grey will tell him the truth and not just what he wants to hear. 

Turns out Captain Andersen and Officer Lopez have both killed suspects while on the job. 

Commander West from Internal Affairs, Jackson’s father, leads the investigation.  Nolan is clearly in shock as he answers questions. He questions whether he could have done something different and whether he’s capable of being a cop after this. 

Bishop gets the “tap” from the detective division and plans to take the detective’s exam. She ends up working with the detectives on Isabel’s case. 

Worried about Nolan, Lucy takes him to the home where the shooting occurred and shows him the family who lives there and reminds him that they could have been killed if it weren’t for Nolan. Later, she drives Nolan home and when he invites her in, they end up sleeping together. Lucy immediately declares that it was a mistake and it won’t happen again, but Nolan wonders to himself if it truly was a mistake. 

While Lucy is in the shower, the brother of the man Nolan killed breaks into the house and attacks Nolan with a baseball bat. He drags Nolan outside and points a gun to his head just as Lucy walks out of the shower. A shot is fired and the episode ends with “to be continued…”


The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Just tell the truth to the best of your ability; you’ll be fine.

Sgt. Grey

Nolan: You going to miss all this when you’re a fancy detective?
Bishop: Not at all.
Nolan: What about me?
Bishop: Even less.