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A man named Howard stops by Nolan's house and tells him that he used to live there. He says that he is sick and thought his ex still stayed there. He used to be on drugs, and now that he's sick he wants to speak to his wife.

Nolan wants to help however he can and looks into it. He later realizes that Howard's wife Barbara left without a trace because she didn't want Howard to find her. Howard breaks into Nolan's house again and stabs his leg with a screwdriver. Nolan has to arrest him to protect Barbara.

Harper gets her daughter for the weekend, and she's worried about how well it will go.

A person she knew undercover, named Eva is in the hospital, and Harper wants to use her old alias to get information about a new dealer. Ripper, the dealer, beat up Eva for stealing from him. Harper wants to investigate and lies to her boss about looking into it. Nolan thinks she's sabotaging herself again but goes along.

Harper goes undercover with backup. Nolan is in the van with the others. But she lands herself in hot water, so he goes undercover to save her.

She decides she needs to focus on Lila. Officers Lopez and West were a consultant on a tv show called “Hot Suspect”. One of the stars reports a stalker and they have to protect her.

The stalker shoots West, but he's wearing a vest. West gets a date with the star of the show. Chen and Bradford help a young boy they found alone in an apartment with his mother’s dead body.

While investigating they realize he's the one who killed his mother. Nick wants to pump the kid for information to confirm it when Lopez interjects and says the kid needs a lawyer. She calls in Wesley. He tries to help how he can, but he's having flashbacks to getting stabbed.

He's suffering from PTSD, and as the kid is confessing to killing his mother, Wesley has to get out of the room. He has an anxiety attack.

Lopez tells him later that they can get through it together.

Bradford reassures Rachel that there was nothing else she could've done to save Malcolm or his mother from what happened.


The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Eve: You stole this.
Harper: I did not.
Eve: To the best grandma ever.
Harper: She's in a coma, she won't miss these.

I'm dying, brain cancer. I just found out. Maybe it's selfish, but I want them to know that I'm sorry before I'm gone.