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It’s Nolan’s birthday but he thinks only Henry knows about it since he and Jessica have broken up. He’s pleasantly surprised when Grace calls him and wishes him a happy birthday. 

Nolan spends the day babysitting a crime scene, but when Elroy Basso, from Bioremediation (crime scene cleaning), shows up, and they find that there’s blood that goes into another room. When they follow it they find a security guard who has also been murdered. 

Two armed men enter the crime scene, supposedly looking for money that was left behind. Nolan and Elroy try to getaway and the have to fight against the armed attackers. With Elroy’s help, Nolan is able to subdue them both. Later, Nolan introduces Elroy to Nell, the dispatcher he has a crush on. 

Harper asks for an early evaluation hoping that it will help with the judge in her custody case. Sgt. Grey says he’ll do the evaluation himself and goes out on patrol with her. 

Officers West and Bradford are getting a commendation, the Light of the City award, from the deputy chief. Before the ceremony, Bradford and Chen get into a car accident while West gets sprayed in the face with drugs which he inhales. 

Lopez brings West to the hospital to get tested, fearing the drug he inhaled was PCP because West is acting very loopy, as though he’s high. The substance he inhaled was only horse vitamin and caffeine which he may have had an allergic reaction to or it may have been the power of suggestion causing him to act high. 

Since Tim hit the car in front of him, he fears he will be suspended and will lose any chance of a promotion to Sergeant. Chen realizes that she never saw the car’s brake lights and has them checked. Turns out that someone disabled them before the accident.  There are also traces of red phosphorus in the trunk, which is used to make fuses. 

Sarah, the car owner blames her boyfriend Mike, who has been previously charged and convicted of fraud. She says Mike agreed to help kill someone later on today. Bradford and Chen are able to arrest Mike before anyone gets hurt.

West and Bradford get their commendations. Bradford thanks Chen for having his back but she says she was just going her job. Nolan’s friends help him celebrate his birthday.


The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I walk into a tragedy but when I walk out, everything is as it should be.


It’s called a yearly review for a reason because that’s when the paperwork gods expect it.

Sgt Grey