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Officer Chen gets pushed onto the stage of American Idol auditions during an arrest. She sings spectacularly then runs off the stage to catch up to Bradford. 


All officers donate blood, and Nolan shares that his son, Henry, was born with Tetralogy of Fallot and had to have four different heart surgeries as a child but is well now. Since Nolan and Henry both have AB- blood, Nolan donated a lot of blood for his son.


Wesley and Lopez are planning a five day vacation in Napa Valley. Jackson tells Lopez he thinks Wesley is going to propose, which put Lopez on edge worrying about all of the things that can go wrong. 


As they are about to leave on their trip, Wesley gets down on one knee. Apparently, he was nervous about dropping the ring out of the hot air balloon so he decided to propose before the trip.  Angela says yes. 


Don, Harper’s ex, tells her that their daughter, Lila, is having nightmares. She hears people screaming and says she sees a ghost outside her window. 


A year ago, Nyla and Lila were at the grocery store when a drug dealer recognized Harper from her undercover work and attacked her. Lila was terrified and Don used the incident to get custody of Lila and to ask that Nyla only had supervised visitation with their daughter.


Harper asks Nolan to come with her as a buffer between her and her ex. Nolan brings Grace. Nolan asks Harper if she thinks it’s a problem that Grace hasn’t introduced him to her son, Oliver. Harper says it means Grace is putting her son’s needs ahead of everyone else’s and she’s a good mom. 


Turns out the “ghost” Lila saw was an old woman in her nightgown. The night before she was chasing her dog, Snowball, after a coyote went after it. Tonight, they find her walking down the road with a shotgun looking to kill the coyote. Nolan and Harper take the gun away, write her a citation and bring her back home.


Harper tells her daughter what they found and she’s relieved but it doesn’t explain the men’s voices she heard yelling and she doesn’t think it was a dream. 


As Grace heads home, Nolan heads to his truck outside of the Harper house. Nolan sees Snowball and goes after him but the Harper’s neighbor hits Nolan over the head with a shovel. He’s determined to win back his husband but has him tied up inside and ties up Nolan. Harper finds him just before he’s about to be killed. 


Grace tells Nolan that she and her husband are separated but not officially divorced yet, even though she feels the relationship is over. She feels like a failure. Nolan assures she’s not and that he understands. Grace needs to think things really slow and Nolan doesn’t have a problem with that. 


A reporter, Valerie Castillo, comes to the precinct to get information about hotel guests being robbed. Despite Tim’s warnings, Lucy helps her get the information but she tricks Lucy into helping her try and take the robbers down for her story. Lucy calls Tim and the two try to make an arrest but Valerie has climbed over the balcony to get a photo of the arrest and would have fallen to her death if she hadn’t dropped the phone and let Tim and Lucy pull her up. 

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Bradford: Flush it out into the open and I’ll end it.
Chen: You can’t kill it.
Bradford: What the hell are we supposed to do with it, snuggle?

Valerie: You shouldn’t let him talk to you like that.
Lucy: He’s my training officer. It’s just kind of his style.
Valerie: Being an ass isn’t style, but he sure can wear a suit.