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There are two new rookies, Officer Kate Barnes and Officer Larry Maser. Larry washes out on day one when he accidentally discharges his weapon during roll call.

Wesley and Angela decide to have Tim as their mediator with Wesley’s mother, Patrice. Tim plays his role well, but eventually, Angela and Patrice speak one on one. Patrice can be forceful, but she honestly just wants to help them have the perfect wedding. Angela makes it clear she will ask for advice and help from Patrice when she needs it but that she and Wesley will make their own decisions.

Prof. Fiona Ryan is being stalked. When her car window is broken, and a note is left inside saying SEE YOU SOON, she brings it to Sgt. Grey. Later, someone posts her address, phone number, and license plate number on the internet with the message, Someone Should Teach This Bitch a Lesson.

A white supremacist group targets Fiona. Nolan becomes her unofficial bodyguard until her publisher can get her private security. While Nolan follows her to work, four men armed with assault weapons try to abduct Fiona. Nolan calls for backup, and a firefight ensues. Fiona manages to get away, and the suspects are arrested.

Lucy is upset that Officer Bradford seems to be so easy on his new boot, Officer Barnes. Barnes was recently in the military and saw combat overseas. Tim later explains to Lucy that where she needed to realize the world could be a scary place. Barnes needs to learn that suspects aren’t enemies. He says that maybe someday, Barnes will turn out to be as good a cop as Lucy is now.

Officer Barnes decides she needs to take some time to learn how to live without feeling like she’s on high alert all the time and she can’t do that as a police officer. She decides to resign. Tim tells her Academy training is good for three years, and he’d be happy to have her back if she chooses.

Lucy helps Tamara get into a transitional housing program now that she’s 18, but when the new apartment is shut down for two months due to mold, Tamara tries to move back in with her cousin, Scott. Scott has been drinking, and he kicks Tamara out. Lucy says Tamara can stay with her until her new apartment is ready.

Henry and Abigail are in LA now, the Youth Liaison for Ben’s Clean Water initiative. They visit Nolan for dinner when Henry begins to not feel well and then collapses. Nolan tells Abigail to call 911.

The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Harper: How much did you have to bribe Grey not to give you Bizarro World Nolan?
Bradford: As a training officer of the LAPD, it is my duty to train any and all recruits assigned to me. Two pairs of Lakers tickets.

Wesley: That was my mother.
Angela: Is she still mad about the cake?
Wesley: Patrice doesn’t do mad. She does disappointed. Fewer wrinkles.