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  • Bailey tells Nolan that the older couple she's been renting to haven't been paying rent and he tells her he'll handle it.
  • Angela's priest brother comes to her to tell them he's worried about a kid involved in some gangs.
  • Lucy runs the citizens class.
  • Ginny calls B radford because things are getting bad between two parents at a game. They show up and hope to defuse the situation.
  • Thorsen volunteers Tim to coach baseball at Tyler's games. He can't say no.
  • A woman asks Lucy about domestic violence and what happens to the victims
  • Celina tries to get Nolan to buck up when speaking to Bailey's nice older tenants.
  • They get a lead on where to find Mateo, the guy Damian told them about, and they find his phone there behind a wall and bodies
  • They surmise that it's the signs of the beginning of a gang war.
  • Lucy and the girl who asked about domestic survivors talk and there are some red flags. Lucy looks up the boyfriend.
  • They go to talk to some gang members to get a read on the situatin and hop they can stop something from escalataing but then they realize something was in motion and that then they gang members are killed.
  • Lucy talks to Kyra about her options.
  • Tim coaches and Ginny thinks that they should co coach bause of how good they did.
  • Kyra calls Lucy and needs hep. . He boyfriend attacks Lucy and Kyra holds Lucy at gunpont until Lucy can talk her down.
  • The old people move out on Bailey
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Lucy: So, what are you doing tonight?
Tim: Nothing, I hope.
Lucy: That sounds perfect.

Suspect: You look good out of uniform.
Angela: I know.