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  • Tim and Lucy both go through their closests tryihng to find the perfect outfit for their date night.
  • Lucy and Tim have a conversation about taking things slow while at an awkward dinner that becomes a crime scene.
  • Lucy and tim try to come up with a reason why they were together. Grey calls them into the office to talk about coworkers dating.  But he's talking about Aaron and Celina and wants them both to talk to both of them about it.
  • Wesley talks about wanting to have another kid.
  • Harper and James see an infamous bank robber and killer at the bank with others and they must figure out how to solve things.
  • A good guy with a gun takes matters into his own hands which tips off the bank robbers and leads to a major shootout and chase.
  • Simone and the Feds come into play.
  • Thorsen and Bradford go after a robber on foot. They eventually catch up to him after he breaks his arm.
  • The bank robber holds a woman in her car hostage.
  • They realize that someone wanted something in the safety deposit box that belonged to a Taylor. They catch him before he flees the country in exchange for information and he tells him that his safsety box had a list of federal assets in the FBI.
  • The other robber who came off as a victim is in the hospital and hasn't been made yet. She contacts the leader so they can meet up later.
  • Harper and Lopez look into it and send Nolan and Celina to her room but she left already.
  • It leads to a chase and Bradford and Thorsen are stuck in a car dangling off the bu9ilding and manage to get out before it falls.
  • Celina and Thorsen share that they play D&D together and aren't dating.
  • Angela tells Wesley she isn't ready for another kid yet.
  • Harper and James try to figure out who would raise their daughter if something happens to them and they choose Angela and Wesley.
  • Chenford go on another date.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Sir, with all due respect, Lucy will kill me if I let you die, so I'm dead either way.


Bradford: I guess this is our official first date.
Lucy: Last night was. For sure. I mean it's a better story for the grandkids.
Bradford: We've got grandkids now. Nice.