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Tim gives Lucy the radio as a gift to memorialize what happened.

Tim gets a phone call and has to head out for something and isn't able to tell Lucy about it, even though it's in the middle of date night.

Thorsen sees his therapist out at a bar and chats it up with her. She says that she got stood up. He offers to buy her a drink in a platonic way, and she agrees.

Tim meets up with an old acquaintance about someone named Ray, who killed their friends. They apparently made a vow to kill Ray, and now is that time.

Thorsen gives his therapist a ride and takes her home.

Celina and Nolan respond to shots fired in a residential home. They find a woman shot at the table and a man dead on the floor. They also find a woman who has been shot but is still breathing.  Bailey shows up at the scene to treat the woman. They hear a noise and find a baby inside.

Nolan reprimands Celina for not clearing the closet at the scene.

Lucy has a restless night calling Tim, but he doesn't answer, and she doesn't know where he is.

Tim tries to talk his friend out of it, but he's deadset on keeping the pact and killing Ray.

Nolan talks Bailey into keeping Anna, the little girl they found in the closet until next of kin can show up.

Bradford and his friend go to Ray's mother's house, and they search through it. Ray shows up and confronts them. He's an old army buddy, too who went AWOL and threatens to expose their past as well. So they leave.

Luna shows up at Nolan and Bailey's house while they're babysitting Anna to tell them that Anna's mother died.

Bailey and Nolan talk over whether or not they should keep Anna. Bailey is reluctant to do it because she doesn't want to get attached and she recalls an experience where she was babysitting and almost lost the kid to the pool. She doesn't feel that she's mom material.

Nolan gets called in for the Oscar deposition, so Bailey is stuck babysitting by herself.

Thorsen returns Blair's jacket and their interaction is weird, which confuses Thorsen because he thought Blair was hitting on him.

Tim wants to come clean and he is willing to fall on the sword to protect everyone.He returns to Lucy, but she pushes him away when she realizes that he's into something that he can't tell her about because it may be illegal. She tries to talk things over with Nolan.

Bailey freaks out when she briefly loses track of where Anna is because she's still paranoid about her experience.

They learn that a man killed the entire family over a scratch-off ticket. Harper, Lopez, Nolan and the others breech the home to catch the suspect.

They end up in a shootout with the suspect who is using high-velocity rounds to shoot at them. Nolan manages to use tear gas to get the guy out and shoot him in the leg.

Wes tells Nolan that the judge dismissed the case against Nolan.

Bailey decides they should foster Anna, but just when they agree upon that, Anna's uncle arrives to take her with him.


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The Rookie Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

I'm not Mom Material.


So, what are you two doing at a dead man's house, huh?