Connection to the Pentagon Killer - The Rookie
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Thorsen has a therapy session where he's thinking about what happened to him and working through it. He seems to be doing well but has stopped blaming himself thanks to his time with the therapist.

He finally gets cleared for active duty.

They welcome Thorsen back to the building.

Meanwhile, people comfort Lucy and try to ensure that she's doing okay after not making the detective exam.

Thorsen rides with Bradford as Metro as he's trying to test Thorsen to make sure he's fit and ready for duty. He has a series of tests that he will pull on Thorsen.

Someone calls about a body, and Nolan and Celina respond.

Harper and Lopez show up and investigate the body that Nolan and Celna find and see that a pentagram is carved into the woman's body. It's the signature of the pentagram killer.

Thorsen is on a weird set of cases.

Meanwhile, Celina makes the mistake of announcing that it may be the Pentagram killer over the radio. Because she shared it, they get flooded with calls about information regarding the pentagram killer.

Lopez and Harper inform Bundy about his sister's death and evaluate how he reacts.

Thorsen wants to figure out why the suburban housewife they disovered at Tyson, a heavy hitter's house was at his home with $15K.

Thorsen realizes that the woman must have paid Tyson to keep her husband in prison safe and protected.

A woman who called it in saying that her dead husband was the serial killer has a box of trinkets related to the first victim.

Nolan has to do a press conference now that it appears the identity of the pentagram killer is confirmed.

Lucy feels a bit bummed that she didn't get sent to that call because she'd be on television and it would look good after what happened to her.

Grey checks in with Thorsen to ensure that his day has gone well after his hiatus. He sends him home. But he tells him that the authorities didn't respond to Thorsen's request about putting the husband into protective custody soon enough, and the man was killed in prison already.

Celina and Nolan find another body.

Thorsen interviews the widow of the guy in prison again to figure out who may be the killer. They tell her that her husband is in insolation, and she gets in the elevator and makes the phone call to whoever she thinks killed him.

She arranged for her husband to be murdered because he used to abuse her. She's upset when they confront her and punches Thorsen.

Chen talks to the man whose wife was killed by the pentagram killer. He confesses to killing his wife by accident and wanted it to look like the killer.

As he's talking, he mentions that Cheryl wanted him to feel the pain he caused. As he's talking, someone fires at them, killing the husband.

Lucy and Bailey are under fire until Harper and Lopez get there.

Lucy comes up with a plan to go on her own to capture Budney. And they go with it. Budney starts shooting at her, though, and she takes a bullet, but it hits her walkie-talkie. She gives the code that she's okay.

She and Budney come face to face, and he won't abide by her demands to drop his weapon and she has to shoot and kill him.

Opal admits that she did realize some things about her husband.

Lucy is worried that Jeff Budney died, but he didn't. HOwever the investigation will continue if he does succumb to his shooting at a later date.


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The Rookie Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Congratulations, Officer Thorsen. You are ready to return to active duty.


You had a crappy day. You had them before, you'll have them again.