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The Royals returns after a year-long break, but we pick up right where we left off — King Robert's coronation.

Queen Helena is upset that he got rid of her discreet lover Spencer, but King Robert reveals he was shopping a tell-all about his juicy dalliance with the Queen. He was merely protecting her. And he'd rather have her strike up a relationship with Lord Chamberlain again,  who can help them out in Parliament. 

Liam is still out for King Robert's blood and he turns to Prince Cyrus for help. He claims that Robert paid Ted Pryce to kill his father, fake his own plane crash and hung out on the island pretending to be stranded until the deed was done. 

Cyrus is hesitant to help his nephew but when he realizes Liam isn't doing this to take the crown for himself, he agrees to help. 

In the span of fourth-months, Cyrus preps Liam for the takedown by boozing it up with him.

Initially, Liam doesn't see the bigger plan in play but Cyrus reveals that the waitress at their brunch spot is actually the daughter of a private banker that Robert would have used. 

Liam pursues a relationship with Greta, and eventually gets an invite to spend a weekend with her family, which is the "in" he's been waiting for. 

And, of course, that's when he begins feeling guilty. 

During those four-months, Eleanor is traveling the world and working on her business, Hoteleanor, with Sebastian.

Despite what the press says, the two have a strictly platonic relationship. 

After she almost gets mugged and assaulted while walking the streets alone in Europe, Sebastian encourages her to read the pile of letters Jasper has been sending her disguised as Liam. 

"No one loves their sister that much," he tells her.

She spends all night reading the letters and determines that it's time to go home.

Meanwhile, King Robert has been putting together his list of potential brides-to-be. On top of the list is Willow, the palace's social media girl. 

Months go by and Robert's interest in her doesn't waver. Liam tries to warn her that his brother is simply using her to get to him, but it seems she's grown a liking to the King. 

She takes him up on the offer of "one drink," even after Liam warns her about how he treated Kathryn. In short, he knew about her relationship with Liam, slept with her until she said 'I love you' and then called her a common whore. 

Robert informs Queen Helena to start planning the Royal Wedding, so it seems he's confident that Willow will agree to be his bride. 

Not to mention, it's good for the economy. 

He plans a trip to South London where he plans to make peace with the residents. Jasper agrees with Head of Security, James Hill, that it is a risky trip but King Robert is adamant so he agrees to protect him. 

The speech is uplifting and motivational with the crowd even chanting "Long Live the King" in unison. 

Jasper tries to get the King to leave before trouble erupts and that's when someone fires a shot. 

Jasper leaps to protect Robert and takes a hit to the chest as Robert and the rest of the security detail speed away. 

As he lays there in the middle of the pop-up-stage, he gets a text from Eleanor who just arrived at the Palace from her trip and "can't wait to see him."

Timing, it's everything. 

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The Royals Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

If he actually did it maybe he actually deserves to be King.

Prince Cyrus

But someone once taught me that, to find yourself, to find your truth, you need to get lost a bit first.

Princess Eleanor