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After he gets shot, Eleanor rushes to be by Jasper's side throughout surgery.

She worries that it may be too late and that he will die thinking she never cared about him. 

The Queen assures her that he'll pull through because he has too much to live for. 

Less optimistic is King Robert, who is furious Len went to the hospital while there is an assassin roaming the streets. 

In actuality, he's more concerned that he can't keep his sister away from the bodyguard anymore. 

He tries to talk some sense into her, explaining that dad wanted her to be great and settling for the help was far from it. 

But she didn't care what he had to say. 

Back at the palace, Queen Helena and Willow were narrowing down potential brides for Robert. 

Willow was at the top of the list but she asked the King to be removed as she wanted a marriage that was for love and not simply wealth and status. 

None of the women seemed to catch the Queen's eye, except for Willow who she referred to as wise. 

Robert is adamant that Willow becomes his bride, and he's doing everything in his power to change her mind.

Liam goes on a trip with his new squeeze, Greta. But he's not on this trip for love or to meet her family, he wants to find evidence to link her father to King Robert, who he suspects faked his own "death" and paid Ted Pryce to kill King Simon so he could return and take the throne. 

During his time out there, he realizes Greta's father treats her like the lesser daughter. He defends her honor, which really impresses her. 

She invites him back to her room but since he isn't feeling the relationship, declines out of respect for her parents. 

When she catches him sneaking into her father's study, he pretends he got lost and has to sleep with her to keep his cover. 

After, when everyone is sound asleep, he sneaks in and clones the computer. 

When he arrives back at the palace he tells Cyrus, who has been living out his "suck it" list and hosting sex parties, that Boone was right about Robert the whole time.

Jasper wakes up from surgery and finds Len by his side. 

A few days after, Queen Helena informs him that he has to give a statement to the public as they've been inquiring about the man who saved the King's life. 

She tells him he can pretend to be CIA, however, that would mean he and Eleanor would never be able to go public with their relationship. 

Jasper agrees but when he's up at the podium, he tells them the truth about his con-artist upbringing.

He tells the public that he's changed and that the royal family became the family he never had. 

When a reporter asks about his love life, he confesses that he has a special woman by his side, but doesn't reveal who she is. 

Back in his hospital room, Eleanor gives him a pretty risque thank you.

The Royals
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The Royals Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm rooting for you bodyguard.

Queen Helena

He's not going to die, he's got something to live for. You.

Queen Helena