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After getting evidence that proves Robert faked his own death and paid Ted Pryce to kill his father, King Simon, Liam wants to confront him.

Both Cyrus and Jasper warn him not to get ahead of himself and act on emotions but he doesn't listen.

As Robert, Queen Helena and Willow are sifting through potential brides, he bolts into the room and accuses his brother. 

When everyone laughs off his claims, he pulls a gun on them and points it straight at his brother, looking a little deranged. 

Eleanor arrives in the knick-of-time and knocks Liam out. When he wakes up, he's interrogated by the head of security Mr. Hill who assures him Robert was telling the truth about paying Pryce to help him get back on his feet. 

King Robert starts speed dating potential brides-to-be and realizes that it's going to be a lot harder to find the perfect Queen.

It seems like he's met his match with Cassandra, a tongue-in-cheek woman who doesn't try to hard and knows how to handle the press and a potential scandal. 

Robert is impressed but Willow isn't. She admits her choice of the "best noodles" in town isn't accurate. 

It's evident she's jealous because she's developed real feelings for Robert. Maybe Queen Helena's speech about what it's like to be Queen convinced her. She may not have true romance but there are other perks. 

Later that night, Robert invites her to dinner and orders noodles from her favorite place, the actual "best place" in town. 

It's a sweet gesture that proves he's actually listening to her. 

Eleanor spends most of her time at the hospital by Jasper's side. He finally tells her to leave because people will figure out that she's the special lady he referred to in his speech. 

She refuses and comes up with a plan that gives her a reason to stick around -- helping the less fortunate. 

She clicks with a young girl who is also a huge fan of hers. When she realizes she's going to miss the school dance and possibly her first dance with her boy crush, she decides to bring the dance to her.

When the boy doesn't RSVP to the event, she worries he won't show up and rallies Jasper to attend instead. 

However, they're both surprised when the boy shows up thus making the event a huge success. 

That night the doctors clear Jasper to return home. 

As they put him in the ambulance alone, there's an ominous tone that seems like he may be in grave danger. Will he make it to the palace?

Elsewhere, Cyrus scolds Liam for blowing the plan, Queen Helena breaks up with Colin York but it's too late because Robert already has pictures of their affair, and the King is pleased when a citywide blackout takes effect. 

The Royals
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The Royals Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Prince Cyrus: Today’s lesson: play your hidden ace when all the chips are on the table.

Look, it’s not exactly torture being Queen, but it is forever.

Queen Helena