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Jasper and Eleanor finally have a happy moment to themselves but it doesn't last long as Jasper remembers his father is in the palace posing to be the Count of Bellagio. 

He debates whether or not to tell everyone the truth when his father begs his only son not to be a "snitch."

Japser decides to tell Eleanor who responds with a deep laugh. Jokes on him because Gran is broke she tells Jasper, but it doesn't make him feel better. 

Shortly after, Eleanor introduces herself and promises to keep his secret. 

In an attempt to get to know her boyfriend's father, she invites him over for tea. However, Jasper isn't having any of it. Eventually, Eleanor tells him that the best thing about meeting his dad is the realization that he's nothing like him. 

Even though things should be stronger than ever between them, Jasper realizes that Eleanor is lying to him and sneaking out of the palace on some sort of mission. 

He obviously assumes the worst but in reality, the Princess is simply responding to the letters and helping her people before her charity is set up. 

Meanwhile, King Robert disregards the longtime rule that the monarchy remains neutral in politics and publicly dissolves the Parliament, claiming all the power for himself. 

He claims the Parliament hasn't been leading with the people's best interest but we all know this is all part of his bigger plan. 

Cyrus sees right through him and implores Liam to re-start his crusade to take down Robert. Liam objects and King Robert exiles Cyrus who runs off to Venezuela seeking asylum as a political refugee. 

Impressed with Liam's newfound wisdom, he advises him to fix things with Katherine since he still has feelings for her. 

Liam spent the whole episode rekindling things with her and helping her locate her father, who went missing during the blackout. 

Robert is also pursuing Willow, who had nothing but kind words to say to the press about Robert.

By the end of the episode, he proposed and offered her the coveted spot as the next Queen of England. Will she accept?

Cassandra, one of the potential brides on the list, realized that Willow ruined her chance at becoming Queen and officially has it out for the Palace's social media guru. 

The Queen is struggling with the realization that pretty soon, her place in the palace will be replaced by another, younger woman who she'll have to crusty too. 

Desperately seeking a night out, her assistant Rachel takes her out to a masquerade party for elites. 

The next morning, Queen Helena is mortified to wake up next to Sebastian, Eleanor's friend! Hey, this isn't a first for her, right?

Mr. Hill summons Jasper to his office to inform him that the ballistic results came back from the King's assassination attempt. 

Turns out, the King was never the target -- he was. 

The Royals
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The Royals Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

King Robert: Therefore, as is my solemn duty per the constitution, I hereby announce that Parliament is dissolved. From now on, the mantle of power rests entirely on me.
Queen Helena: Holy s**t.

Well, who am I to stand in the way of what’s trending?

King Robert