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It's time for a royal wedding.
No, not Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's but rather, King Robert's and Willow's.
The first scene of the episode shows a depressed Willow walking down the aisle. Following what Eleanor disclosed to her about Robert, it's understandable that she doesn't want to marry him.
And the minute Robert gets creepy, she wakes up from her bad nightmare. 
But it’s not over -- the real wedding is just 24 hours away. 
Can she go through with it? After having a one-on-one chat with Robert she determines that she can’t marry him after all. 
She turns to the Queen and the army -- they need to stop Robert once and for all. 
Cyrus is skeptical about whether or not they can trust Willow, but Eleanor assures him that she's on the right side. 
And so, their mission to out Robert as the man responsible for England's major power outage during Willow's "I do's" is set in place.
Jasper tries to persuade James Hill to aide them, but Hill insists that his duty and responsibility is to protect the King at all costs. 
However, when the time comes, instead of thwarting their mission, James Hill lends a helping hand and takes down Robert's personal security detail. 
Right before the wedding, Robert hallucinates his father and has an inspirational chat with him.
During it, King Simon tells his son that he can have the crown and love simultaneously.
Robert approaches Willow for a few last words before she walks down the aisle. 
When it's time for her portion of the "I do's," Willow doesn't follow through on the plan and instead, agrees to marry Robert and becomes the next Queen of England. 
The family looks on in confusion and disbelief that their one shot to bring Rober to justice was ruined.
At the same time, Cyrus spots Violet, who was presumed to be dead this whole time, and embraces her outside of the church.
She looks uncomfortable and upset that she was spotted.
Meanwhile, Kathryn, who is pregnant with Liam's child, enters her getaway car and finds herself sitting to Queen Helena's former assistant, Lucious, in what seems to be a set-up. 
We have to wait until next season to find out what really changed Willow's mind or if she was playing Cyrus and the team the whole time. 
The Royals
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The Royals Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I’m going back to the Embassy where it’s safe. You're all going to the gallows.


Felicity: I don’t know what drug you slipped my daughter, but I can’t talk her out of marrying into this god forsaken whorehouse.
Queen: I believe it was LSD.
Felicity: Is that supposed to be funny?
Queen: No, just fact.