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Dr. Poole's papers talk about a minotaur, a labyrinth and the power of a boy.

Harry wonders if there are more out there like him and flips to the last page of the diary. There is what appears to be a passport.

Very is talking with Julian and shares less-than-stellar news. He thinks she'll never get him out. 

Poole's medical record was impeccable except for one malpractice suit that was brought against him by the Deacon Psychiatric Institute. Thinking of it sends Harry back to the day he told people his mother was cooking dinner on the stove.

Harry and his dad went to see his mom at the Institute once. Now they're visiting with a woman who is tired wants her nap. Harry tries to engage with her because his mom lived there, too. It works.

She lived at Mosswood Grove. She was supposed to have a simple abortion, but he took the whole uterus. Her name is Carmen. Heather tries to get information on her friend. Carmen suggests they look at the lake, the purple lake.

When Heather shows Carmen a picture of the man from the diary, she wants it and starts beating herself up over it.

Heather makes an enemy at the station while Harry tries to get Carmen Bell's deposition tape only to discover it was taken by a very thin man.

Julian calls Harry just as Vera meets Harry at the gate of Mosswood. When Harry tells Julian how many years he may be facing, Julian asks Harry to be his lawyer. Harry is moved. 

Vera asks Bill to strip down of his mechanics to come into the commune.

She has a tape of Bess talking about Julian, carrying him in her pouch and he's crying. He won't stop, so she puts her hands over his mouth. Vera believes it's evidence that Bess developed an obsession with Julian and kidnapped him. 

Harry needs to know more about the sessions, and since he can't witness one, he wants to partake of one.

Flashback to Heather watching Marin dance with a dude. Heather is getting ready to move with her dad and Marin is upset. Heather kisses Marin who is upset because they promised they wouldn't do that anymore. Heather sulks a bit, and Marin calls her on it. Heather doesn't understand. Marin says she's doing it again -- lying to herself.

Marin runs off.

Vera takes Harry to the rock. Two hundred years ago a tent revival was built right there with the rock in the middle. And before that the Seneca believed a man and woman were trapped inside for breaking their vows. All she knows now is that she feels better when she's near it.

Vera believes the dream Julian has been having by the woman with the hood is "the old hag," but when she describes it, it's not at all how it's traditionally perceived.

Back in the day, Heather is drunk and called her dad to come get her. They go to look for Marin. They find her walking down the middle of the street. He goes out to get her and Heather can barely hear (or understand) what they're saying.

Heather goes off to see her dad to see if he remembers what she said. She showed him something on her wrist. A labyrinth made out of a Y with three dots.

Vera is trying to get Harry to talk about himself by walking through the woods, but he's getting cranky. Still talking, but cranky.

Since he's in dress shoes, not a second later, Harry falls and hurts himself, but Very continues on never looking back. Soon, he's alone. That's some tricky "work" she does there.

Heather is looking for a "spiral maze" on the internet when Marin and her dad clearly called it a labyrinth. She manages to find Lionel Jeffries even with the poor search skills.

The lady at the library talks about the controversy surrounding Jeffries, who was from Canada. He lost his license and disappeared in the 90s. Heather has an envelope to look into outside Niagra Falls, though.

The self-storage unit is under the name Julian Walker and has some items in it, including a recording of a session. Heather watches a dude pummel the crap out of something he believes represents his father, and in the foreground is Marin.

Bill is lost in the middle of the dark woods and stumbles upon a lit house. He's not happy. Vera says she knew he'd find his way. When he manhandles her, she says, "finally, there you are."

Julian is a new kind of man, she says. Harry wonders if she's ever going to show him the work, and she says he's already been doing it. She also feels a sexual pull toward him and goes nearer. She feels rage inside him and Carrie Coon does some of her acting stuff with big tears in her eyes.

She has turned on the metronome. If he could taste just one thing, what would it be? He wakes up in a motel room with his gun, badge, and wallet without a single idea how he got there. 

The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Harry: Are you playing games with me? Huh? Is that it?
Vera: Finally. There you are.

Vera: There's your cruel streak. I knew it was in there somewhere.
Harry: I do get cranky listening to analysis while we're wandering around in the woods.