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Chief Raskin feels overwhelmed. The talismans only had one set of prints, and even though it's a small island, there is a long list of potential avenues to explore.

They did find prints in the car, though. CJ Lam. His parents own the restaurant. They go out in search of him.

CJ's dad, Mike, isn't happy to hear they want to see him. Mom looks nonplussed. But CJ lets them into his room.

CJ claims he barely knew Percy. He's surprised that his fingerprints were in the car. She gave him a ride from the ferry once. Harry can't get anything out of him.

Harry revisits the bald man where they found Percy's car. CJ was there looking for a fight.

CJ is doing drugs and looking at photos of Percy on his laptop.

CJ beats off to one of her photos.

Raskin and Harry visit Brandon who recalls a fight where CJ lost his mind. Like level 10. Colin was teasing CJ to fight Percy, but CJ went nuts. Brandon says all the guys give each other shit all the time, but not the new guys.

Brandon has no idea why Percy broke up with him.

Later, Harry runs into one of the freaky people from the lake, but she laughs at the thought.

CJ's parents want to know why the police are questioning him. Of course, they're arguing when Harry and Raskin come to the restaurant. They're taking CJ downtown since he and Mike lied to them.

When Percy went outside to CJ and went back into the pub with a gash on her head.

CJ remembers talking with Percy. She's crying, but he tries to kiss her. He apologizes. That wasn't cool. No, it wasn't. But she reaches for his hand, and they embrace.

CJ doesn't like thinking about it. Percy was always high on something and would show up at strange times.

Harry visits the family to find a combative Colin demanding CJ's arrest. Meg backs him up. CJ is at the restaurant. Someone tossed a brick into the window. One fellow is outside and another is inside.

Percy was reading about the ouroboros. Harry thought she seemed wise, not like someone who would take herself out. But when Sonya wonders if he ever thought of ending it, he's a little upset.

But Sonya admits she thought of it, and it was only when her sister got sick that she snapped herself out of it.

Harry and Sonya visit the cliff, and it's hard to tell if Harry knows he's seeing people as he chats with Percy, who reminds him he's not there.

CJ tells Harry she wanted him to hurt her before launching into a time that Percy took him to the trailer to get high.

They wind up fighting. She's going through so much. He doesn't care. It's gets physical, and she falls, hitting her head. She says she would tell him and it would explain everything, but she can't. They won't let her.

Harry wonders if CJ followed her onto the bluffs afterward. CJ gives Percy the jade figurine. There's one for each member of their family.

He wonders why she picked him now, after all these years. She never looked at him before. She couldn't see him before. Now she can.

Meg cannot believe that CJ doesn't know where Percy is. She's adamant that CJ is the bad guy.

Harry wonders how Meg knew about the cut on Percy's head two hours after she got it if she didn't see Percy after work.


The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I think Cal Lewis said, "The only real philosophical question is suicide." You either accept the absurdity of life, or you opt-out. I feel like we all have moments when we're fighting ourselves, when ourselves have just become unbearable.


CJ: What's going on?
Percy: I need to tell you something. I need to tell you. [crying] You're gonna hate me. OK, um. I, um. Shit. I can't. Um. I'm a horrible person.
CJ: No, you're not.
Percy: Yes, I am.
CJ: You can tell me. I won't judge you. [kisses her]