Glen Takes a Stand - The Stand
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Glen, Ray, and Larry are in a cage. Glen disagrees over the atrocities they saw along the way. If a man needs to make that kind of visual proclamation, he cannot trust his followers. It's a display of weakness, not strength.

Stu is prepared to take all of the pain pills when Kojak whines at him. Kojak wins.

Lloyd reigns over the court proceedings, much like similar displays from Idiocracy.

All they have to do is renounce Mother Abigail and swear loyalty to the one, true, mother-fucking king.

Glen doesn't understand why Flagg needs all of this if he's so powerful. The more he taunts, the more upset the others get.

Glen gets through to Lloyd, which is made worse when the dumbass behind the bench says he's embarrassing himself. Glen refuses to beg for his life. He doesn't think that Lloyd wants to kill him. And Glen begs Lloyd to tell everyone that Flagg is nothing without their fear, but that fear propels him to shoot Glen.

When Glen tells Lloyd that it's OK since he doesn't know any better, Lloyd riddles him with bullets. But he's crying. The moment of strength is over.

Flagg comes down to earth, something that isn't as easy after that display.

Ray wonders what it's all for. When Nadine arrives, Ray says she looks bad. Nadine wants to talk with Larry alone. Larry is embarrassed listening to Nadine.

Larry tries to get Nadine to look at herself. But she cannot really see. And then the baby is coming.

Lloyd gags while Flagg drinks milk and smokes a cigar as Nadine writhes in pain. She realizes that Flagg knew that she was never meant to survive and slams him for it.

He controls her through her glowing rock, which she uses to break the window and plummet below.

Flagg couldn't do anything to stop it. Waaaa. Waaaaa.

Kojak races off to protect Stu. He is victorious.

Lloyd cries while Rat Woman suggests that he worry more about what happened to the last guy who shot someone he didn't want shot.

Lloyd begs and places blame when Flagg arrives. Flagg isn't really in the mood, though. Things have taken a decidedly tough turn for the wannabe.

He says waste not want not, and Rat Woman delivers Larry Nadine's remains on a silver platter.

Larry knows that this place is falling apart. If the mother of Flagg's child is there on a silver platter, where does Lloyd think his head will be delivered?

Larry and Ray hold hands in the pool while Julie holds court, enlisting Lloyd, too.

Flagg tries to rouse the crowd to be with him again, but they're nowhere near as dedicated as they once were.

There has never been enough to go around, but after Captain Trips, the tables are turned, and the prey are the predators.

Flagg sees adulation, but it's of the subdued variety. Still, Lloyd starts filling the pool while Flagg dances on the balcony, and the camera pans the crowd.

They are readying an atomic bomb to take to Boulder. Larry realizes that they don't know Mother Abigail is dead, but they don't know what it means.

Lloyd walks into the pool. He bends down and tells Larry that he always liked his music. Larry begins. I will fear no evil. That makes Lloyd very upset, and he begins clubbing Larry even as he cries. Others in the crowd begin saying it, as well.

Ooh, Flagg doesn't like that. And Flagg tells Lloyd to shoot that woman. Flagg never does it himself. He always asks others to do his bidding. So now nobody fears evil.

Trashcan Man arrives with the warhead. Lloyd wants the keys. Let's get them out of the pool before they drown.

Trashcan man is melting. Flagg doesn't even know what to do at this point.

Something supernatural begins. Everyone is getting stuck down. Flagg is losing his mind. Then he's taken down by the ball of light.

The ball of light detonates the bomb. Stu can see the blast before it reaches him. Kojak runs, and there is M O O N, Tom Cullen.

Frannie and Joe are outside when he turns and sees the remnants of New Vegas. She wants to get Joe inside, but Joe says that the Dark Man is gone.

As she asks about Stu, her water breaks.

The Stand
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The Stand Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

My God. You people are terrified of him. Is that all he has over you is fear? Is that it?


Glen: I really need to understand this, Lloyd. What are you all so afraid of?
Lloyd: He can fly and fuckin' like, ate a dude last week. What are you talkin' about?
Glen: Well, if he flies, if he can do all that, then why does he need all this?