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Trashcan Man is squealing as he enters a missile silo. Those who didn't read the novel probably still wonder why he has any part of this production.

The role is really testing Ezra Miller's capabilities, that's for sure.

TCM has no compunction about the radiation that will burn him alive.

We're revisiting Harold and Nadine blowing the bomb. It's so dramatic. Nadine almost looks torn whether they've done the right thing. Harold even reacts, turning on Nadine. No more touching. They got Flagg what he wanted at the expense of The Free Zone.

He's happy to be rid of Nadine and taunts her about winding up with Flagg.

There's another vigil, this time at the school, where they're caring for the wounded. It's a triage.

Larry checks in with Glen. They talk about Harold and Nadine's role in the explosion, wondering if there's anything left of Nick to bury. Larry thinks it might be a blessing for Mother Abigail since Nick was her favorite. When MA wakes, the Free Zone five step before her. She has sinned. She forgot she wasn't the potter but the clay.

She thought Nick was the one to lead them, but the Lord saw fit to take Nick, which means that it's Stu who is left to lead.

Frannie wants to know where. West, to the dark man's stronghold. They need to leave today, on foot: no food and no water, just the clothes on their backs. One of them will die on the journey, but God has no idea who it is.

Frannie, though, isn't to go. There are bitter days ahead. They need to make their stand against Flagg.

And with that, she dies. Or, her candle is snuffed out. Because, literally, her candle is snuffed out. In case we're too dumb to understand, I guess.

Harold and Nadine are on crotch rockets heading west. Say goodbye to Harold. He's Harold the Impaled when he sends his bike over a cliff.

Frannie and Stu chat about the trip and whether he should bring Harold to justice. She doesn't want that. She wants him to come home safe so they can raise the baby together.

The group gathers for a last photo before they leave—even Kojak.

Once they set off, they begin making plans for when they'll be able to fuel up and all that jazz.

Harold is eating a snack and writing in his journal. He seems to be at a loss for words.

The gang has gone 90 miles so far, with only 700 to go. Whether there is a god or not, they're on the train now, Glen figures, so they might as well keep walking.

Harold is still hanging on. He puts his notebook down when the vulture taunts him so that he can shoot himself in the head.

By the time the tour finds him, Harold has been thoroughly picked over. Larry feels he owes something to the guy who got him to Boulder, and he finds Harold's notebook.

Harold owned up to all he'd done and wished it had ended differently.

Nadine finds rose petals in the desert, leading her to Flagg. Even with all she knows, she's scared shitless at the thought of meeting him in person.

Flagg is drinking milk with a boutonniere in his pocket, awaiting her arrival. She says they did it. They killed them. She doesn't know how many, but a lot of them. Harold was never meant to ascend to Olympus to live among the gods like Nadine. She's still in the desert. She's half there and half here. Flagg is happy that Nadine kept herself pure for him. Now she gets to be his wife.

She doesn't seem to enjoy screwing Flagg. He treats her poorly, and she discovers she really is in the desert, and she's screwing the devil.

The gang runs into a little problem. A vast crevasse that they cannot span. So, a very poor set steps in for real life, and they work their way across.

Stu and Kojak are first, and the others follow. Kojak goes topside first, and the others follow again.

They all make it, but Stu falls to the bottom with a thud. It sounded like stuff was cracking on the way down. Glen looks away in horror. A bone is sticking through the skin. Stu is rather calm about it. He walks them through setting the bone. Ain't nobody gotta be listening to this, so I turned down the volume.

Stu is tied up, and they decide to camp here. But Stu reminds them that Mother Abigail knew one of them would take a fall. They can't drag him to Vegas.

Stu quotes the bible, getting Larry to say it along with him. He will fear no evil. Larry has the greatest heart. He cannot stand to leave a man behind. Stu puts Larry in charge. He's got a good feeling about Larry.

Glen leaves Stu with pain pills. If he takes three or four at once, they're liable to be fatal. It's a get out of jail free card, kind of like Harold's gun.

Nadine looks like Rose McGowan now. I think she's pregnant.

Kojack goes back to Stu. Glen calls for him, worried out of his mind. They're met in the middle of the desert by Lloyd Henreid in a stretch limo. They've been expecting them.

By the time the gang gets to New Vegas, Nadine is swollen with devil spawn, and she looks like Sally Finkelstein from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

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The Stand Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

He's going to give me a woman who makes you look like a potato sack. And you? You get him. Happy days, right? If I were wearing your Hush Puppies, I'd be shaking in them plenty.


Larry: Tell me again why we're allowed to pick up food but not weapons.
Stu: Same reason we're allowed to pick up backpacks.
Glen: The power is not in the book, it's in the interpretation.