Mother Abigail and Randall Flagg - The Stand
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A misfit naked and covered in explosive stuff plants a bomb and then jacks off in front of it. That's highly unpleasant.

When he sees Flagg, he has visions that make him gag. Visions of fire and death.

He's another one of those post-apocalyptic freaks that always seem to blossom when tragedy strikes.

The Boulder faction is searching for Mother Abigail. Except for Harold, who looms over Nadine to share the news of MA's absence with her.

He wants to know what Nadine knows that he doesn't. What is Flagg not telling him? What is Flagg not telling her? That makes her a little verklempt. But Harold has other news. Mother Abigail's disappearance offers an opportunity to take out everyone instead of just the committee. He reveals a bomb of some sort.

The old lady lying low outside of New Vegas seems to be IN Vegas now, and outside, she hears a ruckus. She pulls her pistol out of her bag as if it will do her any good.

The screaming Mimi is screaming like a loon now. He's Trashcan Man, who I do not remember from the book, perhaps because he's gross.

Flagg asks him about fire when he arrives. TCM puts his head into Flagg's lap and then fixes his fire. Lloyd doesn't think much of TCM.

Flagg is annoyed he cannot reach Mother Abigail. All he can see every time he tries is the moon. Just then, we see Tom Cullen spelling M O O for Run. He asks someone to tell him what word is on the machine. She's another terrible person.

Everyone is fighting over Mother Abigail's disappearance when Nadine drops off some cards for Mother Abigail. It's a way for her to bring a poster tube filled with the bomb thing.

Nadine thinks it's terrible that Larry is considering taking Joe to the vigil when kids only remember everyone getting sick and dying from an earlier vigil.

Mother Abigail and Randall Flagg finally meet. She taunts him with fear that his followers will see through him, realizing that there is nothing inside.

Abigail is outside looking for the voice of God because she doesn't hear it anymore.

Flagg tries to make things a little hellish so that God will be speeded along in finding her.

Tom Cullen recognizes Julie.

Lloyd dances and thrusts his way through the lobby while he and Julie escort some dude to the penthouse.

They've got the old lady in a body bag. Flagg sniffs her.

His name is Bobby Terry. Flagg is annoyed that the woman wasn't brought to him alive.

Flagg asks him if he's sorry, and BT flips him the bird and talks away. Outside, he chains the door shut with the others inside. The elevator, though, isn't coming.

Flagg screams at Bobby Terry that he screwed it up. He bursts through the doors and allows Bobby Terry to get into the elevator, thinking he's safe. But Flagg is in the elevator, and they put on a hell of a show for the group downstairs.

By the time they get to the bottom, Flagg has eviscerated Bobby Terry. He apologies to the housekeeper.

When the housekeeper calls for the cleanup crew and specifically M O O N, Flagg knows what's up.

Stu and Harold are trying to find Mother A when Stu starts talking about the randomness of who lived and died. Harold disagrees. It's destiny.

Krycek thinks it's a waste of time searching for Mother Abigail since she's a 100-year-old woman out there without any cold-weather gear.

Frannie finds Harold's bomb-making lab. She's freaking out.

He says that Captain Tripps was supposed to be his great adventure. His turn for so much, including with Frannie. He thinks the world turned its back on her again and again, but all he got was rejection letters and a world that hates him. Frannie says that Harold taught her to do this all together for the future.

They hug it out, but he locks her in the room. He says to save her, screaming for someone who might actually listen.

Something happens with Larry and Nadine, but I was so bored that I tuned out. But when Larry tries to start his bike to get to the vigil, he discovers that it won't run. It seems like Nadine saved him.

Nadine tells Joe to find a seat to watch the movie while she takes care of something. She doesn't seem at all happy. She's almost miserable. Joe runs back to her, trying to keep her there. It didn't work.

Tom made it out of New Vegas in a truck filled with the dead.

Frannie breaks a window to get out of the building, screaming "there's a bomb" to nobody since she's in the middle of town and there isn't a soul around.

Joe hears Mother Abigail saying, "you can't send me anywhere that God can't find me."

He walks right into the woods, pointing a finger and screaming. Harold and Nadine meet at an amphitheater, where Harold tells Nadine that Larry broke into his place last night, but the dumb fuck never got into the basement.

Krycek radios in to tell everyone that they've got Mother Abigail. Someone tells Nick.

Harold talks into the walkie at the same time Nick walks past the tube on the piano. Harold says he does this of his own free will.

Frannie stumbles into Stu with the word Bomb just as Nick opens the rigged piano. Harold and Nadine detonate the explosive. Some people are tossed around, but it didn't look like anyone, but Nick was killed.


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The Stand Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Harold: It's possible that there are some things he's not telling you, either.
Nadine: No. He tells me everything. He needs me.

Nadine: So tell me. How badly does this fuck us?
Harold: Completely. Sideways, in fact.