Academy United on Doomsday - The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 1
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The Hargreeve siblings arrive in Dallas, Texas across the span of three years: Klaus on February 11, 1960; Allison in 1961; Luther in 1962; Diego on September 1, 1963; Vanya on October 12, 1963; and Five on November 25, 1963.

Five arrives in the midst of a new doomsday, where it appears the other Hargreeves siblings are fighting for the US government. Hazel shows up and takes him back in time 10 days before a nuclear bomb lands.

Five enlists the help of an alien enthusiast to locate the rest of his siblings. 

Diego is locked away in a mental institution for 90 days due to a "paranoid fantasy" that President Kennedy will be assassinated soon and he is the only one who can stop it. He's also found a new friend, Lila, who is locked in the sanitarium with him. The two break out together.

Klaus and Ben are headed back to Dallas after spending time in San Francisco. They argue over this, as Ben wants to go back to California.

Allison and a new beau are in the midst of the civil rights era and prepare to stage a sit-in.

Luther participates in presumably underground fights and works as a bodyguard for a Mr. Ruby.

Vanya apparently has no memory and has been taken in by the married couple Carl and Sissy and their son, Harlan.

Five finds Luther and tries to enlist his help in saving the world (to no avail).

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Elliott: It's all true, yeah? UFOs... crop circles?!
Five: Well, the truth is out there.

They're gone like a fart in the wind.