Diego, Lila, and Five - The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 2
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The handler is alive and returns to The Commission after three months to find she's been demoted to Five's old desk.

Luther reveals to Five the infamous Jack Ruby is his boss. 

Carl gets kicked out of the club by Luther. Vanya tells Sissy she'll go get him and Luther sees her picking him up outside of the club. Luther finds Vanya at home, but she doesn't recognize him.

Five hears on police radio that there's been a breakout from the sanitarium and gathers Diego escaped. Diego comes up with a plan to chop off Oswald's trigger finger and make him leave town. Lila suggests they just kill him instead to make sure he doesn't kill Kennedy. Five shows up and brings the two back with him to Elliott's. There, they watch the "Frankel Footage," which shows their dad in the background after Kennedy's assassination!

The Big Bad Trio has a photo of Allison and tracks her down at home, but they're paused after the police show up to arrest Raymond Chestnut for assault and battery due to Allison's takedown of Mason. Allison starts to use her power against the police, but stops.

Klaus and Raymond bond in jail over Shakespeare, their Allison connection still unknown.

The Big Bad Trio ("The Swedes") receive a message from the Commission with a photo of Vanya.

Raymond asks Allison why she said "I heard a rumor" twice when he was getting arrested, but she doesn't answer. On her way out, Keechie shows his "Hello, Goodbye" hands and she asks who the "prophet" is he serves.

Vanya and Sissy have a sweet moment over trying to remember her past.

Diego and Five investigate at D.S. Umbrella and find their father and a Baby Pogo.

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You're lucky, you know that? You got a blank slate. Start over. Be anyone you want. The rest of us are stuck with who we are.


Five: I'm asking for your help, Luther. The Umbrella Academy needs you.
Luther: It doesn't need me. It never did.